Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Equipment

Few things draw a crowd on a hot summer day like refreshing shaved ices or snow cones! These frosty treats are also a great investment because of the ease of customizing new flavors without needing many different machines running simultaneously. We’ve got the best shaved ice & snow cone equipment here so that you can treat your customers to a chilly, tempting snack—and yourself to increased business!

Whether you need a small, modestly priced machine for the occasional icy delight, or an industrial sized appliance for the after school stampede, Chef’s deal has the shaved ice & snow cone equipment you need. We stock a variety of options from trusted brands like Gold Medal Products, at the lowest prices we can afford to list them.

You may even wonder how we make a profit, with such deeply discounted prices and high quality units. No, we’re not an outlet or a cut rate warehouse—but unlike other retailers, we are able to deal at a huge scale, which brings our prices down. And unlike pretty much every other retailer, we pass our lower prices right down to the customer.

That’s always been our philosophy, and it’s one of the many reasons that Chef’s Deal has had such success in the restaurant equipment business. We always think long term in our business dealings and relationships, not short term—about everything. We don’t cut corners on the product quality we stock, because we want you to enjoy long term satisfaction with your purchases. And we’ll never put gaining a momentary profit over meeting our customers’ expectations because we would rather have a profitable long term relationship with you, rather than a short term one that leaves you dissatisfied with our service.

So, whether you are looking for a shaved ice unit or a hot dog broiler, or a set of outdoor furniture for your patio—give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!