Continental Refrigerator D2RNSAPT 52

Continental Refrigerator D2RNSAPT 52" Pass-Thru Refrigerator w/ 4 Solid Doors, 50 cu ft

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Continental Refrigerator D2RNSAPT 52" Pass-Thru Refrigerator w/ 4 Solid Doors, 50 cu ft


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Designer Line Refrigerator, pass-thru, two-section, self-contained refrigeration, stainless steel exterior, aluminum interior, stainless steel front, standard depth cabinet, full-height stainless steel doors, cylinder locks, electronic control with digital display, hi-low alarm, unit comes standard with expansion valve 6" stainless steel legs, R290 Hydrocarbon Refrigerant, 1/3 HP, ENERGY STAR®



Continental Refrigerator D2RNSAPT Specs

Brand Continental Refrigerator
Model Number D2RNSAPT
Weight 635 lbs
Width 52"
Depth 38.75"
Height 83.25"
Certifications ENERGY STAR
Door Type solid
Refrigerator Type Pass-Thru
Size 2 section
Refrigeration self-contained, top mounted
Capacity 38 - 53 cu. ft.
Exterior Finish stainless steel
Compressor HP 1/3 HP
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR®
Interior Finish all aluminum interior
Depth (front - back) 38" - 39"
Door Style hinged / swing

The Continental Refrigerator D2RNSAPT Designer Line 2-Section Pass-Thru Refrigerator

Why Use Continental Refrigerator Refrigerators, Freezers & Warmers?

Continental Refrigerator has one of the most diversified commercial Reach-In product lines in the industry with standard features not found on other units. Continental Refrigerator's Designer Line models are equipped with both top and side air distribution ducts which allow for constant, uniform temperature throughout the cabinet.


The refrigeration/heating systems on Continental Refrigerator's Designer Line ReachIns & Pass-Thrus are accessible on top of the cabinet and separate from the food zone, increasing food storage capacity.

Performance & Reliability

Performance-run tested for a minimum of 12 hours providing a highly sophisticated temperature analysis recording, exclusive to each cabinet.

Air Flow

All models are equipped with both top and side air distribution ducts to keep product load at a uniformly constant temperature.

“Plug” Refrigeration

Designer Line Refrigerators and Freezers utilize a “Plug” refrigeration system where the assembly is outside the food storage zone. The “Plug” system can be removed for servicing, cleaning or converting from a refrigerator to freezer in the field. Condensate water goes into a drain pan constructed with corrosion resistant 300 Series stainless steel. The condensate water is then evaporated by a non-electric, corrosion resistant 300 Series stainless steel hot gas discharge condensate loop.

Continental Refrigerator D2RNSAPT Standart Features

  • D2RNSAPT - Stainless steel front, aluminum interior
  • Self contained, performance-rated “plug” refrigeration system
  • Natural, environmentally-safe, high-efficiency R-290 refrigerant
  • Refrigeration system is accessible on top of cabinet, separate from the “food zone”
  • Automatic, hot gas condensate evaporator
  • Expansion valve system
  • 3” non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation
  • Smooth, polished chrome workflow door handles
  • Cam action, lift off hinges
  • Self-closing door
  • Magnetic Snap-in door gasket
  • Cylinder lock in door
  • Adjustable 6” stainless steel legs
  • LED interior lighting
  • Electronic controller w/digital display & hi-low alarm
  • Top and side air distribution ducts
  • Cabinet upper side panels and refrigeration “plug” system can be removed and reinstalled at job site

Continental Refrigerator D2RNSAPT Option & Accessories

  • Stainless steel case back
  • Add’l epoxy-coated steel shelves
  • Chrome or stainless steel shelves
  • Custom laminates
  • Pan slide assemblies
  • Custom laminates
  • Half doors
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