Cheesemelter, Gas

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A professional cooking equipment is only complete with small but effective pieces. A gas cheese melter is one of them. Make your last touch to your delicious food with a gas cheese melter that Chef’s Deal offers for you. Let us help you discover different types of commercial gas cheese melters here!


Up Your Taste Game with A Restaurant Gas Cheese Melter


Thanks to commercial gas cheese melters, tasks like heating plates, melting cheese, finishing steaks or toasting bread are easier than ever. However, hearing these tasks, you might be wondering the differences between a commercial cheese melter and a salamander. Here are some of them to help you make your final choice:


  • While cheese melters can be considered as finishing ovens, salamanders are both finishing and cooking ovens.
  • Salamanders have higher heat than cheese melters. Thus, salamanders have the ability to pack quite a punch.
  • The heating elements of salamanders and cheese melters differ. Salamanders use infrared elements whereas cheese melters use ceramic elements.


If what you need is a commercial cheese melter. Then, there are two types of cheese melters to choose from. One is the electric type and the other is the gas type. Here you can find the advantages of a gas cheese melter:


  • When you decide to get a gas cheese melter, you have two options. One is the countertop cheese melter and the other is the wall mount cheese melter. If you have a slightly small place, then you might want a versatile countertop cheese melter. If you have a big place, on the other hand, you can put a wall mount cheese melter in your kitchen.
  • Most gas cheese melters are made out of stainless steel making them durable for years.
  • They heat faster than electric cheese melters.


At Chef’s Deal, you can find different types of gas cheese melters for sale. Have a look at all the products and give us a call to get a special payment plan before you make your purchase.