Countertop Electric Deep Fryers

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Countertop Electric Deep Fryers – Small in Size Big in Production

Countertop electric deep fryers are ideal for small-size foodservice businesses with minimal floor space. If you are tight in space but cannot give up with serving fried food, these fryers are your lifebuoy. Facilities like food trucks, cafeterias, concession stands, or food stalls face the challenge of meeting high demands in tiny areas. Therefore, their cooking equipment needs to be as compact but versatile as possible. Countertop electric deep fryers do not cover a large footprint but can cook large batches of french fries, wings, nuggets, or fish.

Countertop electric deep fryers feature fast recovery times. They can reach the desired temperatures after each fry cycle, making them productive enough to pace peak demands. These units come in various sizes and configurations. Full-pot fryers have one oil tank and one or two wire baskets. If you need to fry more food types in larger quantities, you can purchase a split-pot fryer with double oil tanks. With two baskets in each pot, you can fry four different foods without worrying about flavor transfer. 

You can increase your menu variety and cooking volumes with heavy-duty countertop electric deep fryers made of durable stainless steel. You should check the fat capacity of each oil tank to see how much food you can fry per hour. Chef's Deal has countertop fryers with capacities ranging from 6 to 50 lbs. manufactured by industry leaders, Adcraft, Eurodib USA,  Grindmaster-UNIC-CrathcoVollrath, and more. You may also want to see our other commercial deep fryers.