Electric Floor Deep Fryers

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Electric Floor Deep Fryers – Frying Giants

Electric floor deep fryers are real workhorses in busy commercial kitchens. Using the efficiency of electricity as an energy source and fast recovery times, they can fry larger volumes of foods more quickly. Therefore, after each cook cycle, the oil reaches the set temperature, shortening the cooking times and increasing productivity. Speed service is the hot priority in full-serve restaurants, fast-food chains, sports bars, quick-serve restaurants, or catering kitchens. And electric floor deep fryers are specifically designed to meet the high-volume demands in such large establishments.

Electric floor deep fryers are available in more design and capacity options than countertop models. If you simultaneously serve large batches of fried chicken, fish, doughnuts, or french fries, then a multiple-battery fryer is what you need. It allows cooking several products in separate oil tanks without mixing flavors. Besides, you can easily control cook times and regulate oil temperatures for each pot with computerized programmable controllers. The onboard dump station between the units lets you empty the basket and reload it quickly. Single-unit electric floor deep fryers also offer increased productivity accommodating two baskets.

Some electric floor deep fryers house a filtration system. You can filter the oil and reuse it to reduce your oil consumption. The system enables operators to drain the oil and clean the unit in one step. Auto basket lift option is also an extra innovative feature. The basket automatically dips in the oil and raises when frying is over when loaded. You can check out all these and more models at Chef's Deal from pioneering brands, Frymaster, Giles, Imperial, Pitco, and more. You may also wish to see other commercial deep fryers.