Donut Fryer

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Nobody can say no to shiny glazed donuts. To make delicious donuts for your customers, you need the best commercial donut fryer as well as a good recipe. Commercial donut fryers are easy-to-operate and great for frying large volumes of donuts in little time. If you want to open up a donut shop or sell donuts at your bakery, buying a donut fryer should be on top of your list. At Chef’s Deal, we offer a wide selection of commercial donut fryers for you to choose the right one for your business.


A Closer Look to The World of Donut Fryers


There are several models of donut fryers. The main difference between the donut fryer models is their size. The width of a commercial donut fryer can range between 23” and 41”. Thus, before choosing a new commercial donut fryer, you should decide the daily donut demand. As the donut fryer gets bigger, the fat capacity of the machine increases as well. Meaning, you would need to put more oil to fry donuts. The number of donuts you can make per hour varies upon the amount of oil. So, be sure to choose a stainless steel donut fryer that meets your needs.


We have the best commercial kitchen supplies with great deals! One of the best commercial donut fryer manufacturers is Comstock-Castle. On our website, you can find a high-quality Comstock Castle donut fryer at affordable prices.


We have excellent customer service! If you have any questions on products and our services, dial +1 (877) 254-5449 or use our online support agent Chef’s Bot to reach us!