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  1. Special Price $2,860.00

    FINANCE FOR: $63.47/mo.

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    FINANCE FOR: $718.04/mo.

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    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  4. $51,471.75

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  5. $27,749.70

    FINANCE FOR: $677.45/mo.

  6. $35,725.25

    FINANCE FOR: $872.16/mo.

  7. $20,630.50

    FINANCE FOR: $503.65/mo.

  8. $26,315.30

    FINANCE FOR: $642.44/mo.

  9. $54,380.70

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  10. $44,000.55

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  11. $30,000.30

    FINANCE FOR: $732.40/mo.

  12. $1,349.00

    FINANCE FOR: $32.93/mo.

  13. $35,612.50

    FINANCE FOR: $869.41/mo.

  14. $65,959.30

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  15. $5,373.00

    FINANCE FOR: $131.17/mo.

  16. $9,086.00

    FINANCE FOR: $221.82/mo.

  17. $66,270.05

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  18. $59,416.50

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  19. $34,155.00

    FINANCE FOR: $833.83/mo.

  20. $64,336.80

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  21. $44,515.90

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  22. $52,686.70

    FINANCE FOR: $1.00/mo.

  23. $38,588.00

    FINANCE FOR: $942.05/mo.

  24. $31,659.65

    FINANCE FOR: $772.91/mo.

  25. $31,352.20

    FINANCE FOR: $765.40/mo.

  26. $38,206.85

    FINANCE FOR: $932.74/mo.

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As Chef’s Deal we have been serving customers that are in the food serving business for years. We know what is best for your cafe or restaurant and your wallet. If you are in the market for a commercial gas fryer check out our Gas Fryer category with over 200 models that are waiting for you to take home. On our rich list you will find many models like countertop gas fryers to restaurant commercial gas fryers. Keep in mind that our dedicated team is always with you throughout your commercial gas deep fryer selection journey and are happy to help. Let's dive deep into our gas fryer category and come out with a companion that will lift the burden off your shoulders for years!


The Companion You Must Have


Whether you are a newcomer to the sector or an experienced one, the one kitchen appliance you must have is a gas deep fryer. Whether you serve a fun menu with french fries and ice cream or a graceful menu with fish and wine, there is no alternative world where a kitchen does not possess a natural gas deep fryer. While going through models, you should consider taking a look at the countertop gas deep fryer models that will not use up much space in your kitchen. We all know how a rush time could be and a spacious kitchen is a blessing for your chefs and waiters. The floor models might hold more litre oil capacity but the gas fryer countertop models are just as good. They can take up to 15 litres which will do you justice if you are a small to medium scale business. With 15" wide x 16" high to cook surface, stainless steel fry tank and a stainless steel exterior the propane gas fryer models you come across in our category might just be the ones you are looking for. With an easy cleaning surface and snap action thermostat, the gas fryers for sale we gathered are the winners.


Budget and Flavor Friendly


The commercial gas deep fryer for sale models we gathered for you are kind to your wallet while working wonders on your dishes. Having one of these will keep you and your customers happy for decades. As these kinds of appliances are bought only once to be used for a long period of time, we recommend you do your research before looking into the market for gas deep fryer for sale. And if you have no time or are feeling confused, don't miss out on the opportunity to contact us! We are here 24/7 to give you the best advice and product.