Commercial Induction Cooktops & Cookers

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Commercial Induction Cooktops & Cookers: The Taste Magnet

Commercial induction cooktops and cookers are top-notch commercial cooking equipment that presents efficiency and practicality. These units utilize induction technology and are equipped with copper coils that create electromagnetic fields to heat the magnetic cookware atop the cooking surface.

As commercial induction cooktops need to transmit the electromagnetic heat to the pan or pots, the cookware must be magnetic. You can check whether your cooking materials are appropriate for induction cooking by getting a magnet and touching it to the cookware. If the magnet sticks, then your cookware is magnetic and suitable for induction cooking.

Features of Commercial Induction Cooktops

An induction cooktop for commercial use is designed to present a practical cooking experience for chefs, and therefore, they are furnished with smartly designed features:

  • Many commercial induction burner cooktops have digital temperature controls and LED displays to enable you complete control over the cooking heat.
  • The cooking surface of the commercial induction butners is made from ceramic glass, and therefore, they do not absorb or transmit heat very well.
  • Most commercial induction burners have automatic pan/pot detection and automatically turn off when no pan is atop the cooktop.
  • Commercial induction cooking plates are available in different sizes ranging from the single burner models to the commercial induction cooktop with 4 and 6 burners.
  • You can also find commercial induction cooktops with varying heating capacities ranging from 300 Watts to the 1440-Watt models.

Advantages of Commercial Induction Cooktops and Commercial Induction Cookers

Commercial induction cooktops and cookers present remarkable advantages that will significantly contribute to your workflow and service efficiency as they:

  • Provide higher precision for heating temperature control to allow your chef to cook only as much as needed.
  • Present quicker cooking as they rapidly heat and become ready to use.
  • Decrease electric consumption with higher efficiency by cooking by conveying the heat directly to the pans.
  • Help prevent injuries as their cooking surface does not heat too much, and they turn off if there is no cookware on it.

Types of Commercial Induction Cooktops

Commercial induction cooktops are constructed for different purposes, and you can select among the following options depending on your available space and needs.

1. Freestanding Induction Ranges

Freestanding induction ranges provide a large cooking top as well as an oven where you can easily carry out your daily preparation and cooking.

2. Countertop Induction Cooktops

Commercial countertop induction cookers, also called portable induction cooktops, are perfect for small spaces as they can easily fit. Additionally, these portable induction cookers are suitable for outdoor events as a part of mobile kitchens to cook, re-heat or simmer.

3. Drop-In Induction Cooktops & Warmers

Drop-in induction cooktops are designed to sit in a pre-made space on your counter to create a smooth working area.

4. Induction Wok Burners

Induction work burners are built to perfectly accommodate the woks which are frequently used for Asian recipes.

5. Induction Food Warmers

Induction food warmers are suitable for maintaining the temperature of the ready-made dishes, sauces, or sides at proper levels to enhance customer satisfaction. Therefore, these commercial induction cooktops are great options to add to the buffets.


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