Commercial Ranges

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Commercial Range – Your Best Friend In The Kitchen

A commercial range is a multifunctional piece of cooking equipment with a cooktop and base. It has this name due to the wide range of tasks it can handle in a busy restaurant kitchen. The different configurations of the stovetop allow using multiple cooking methods varying from boiling and frying to simmering and sauteing. The base is also customizable. You can opt for an oven to take on your baking tasks or a cabinet to store ingredients or utensils. Powered by gas or electricity, commercial stoves provide unparalleled functionality and flexibility.

Types of Commercial Ranges

Commercial ranges differ in the fuel type. When choosing between gas and electricity, there is not one fit-for-all, but commercial electric ranges are suitable for easy installation. Their burners are resistance wires covered with a hot top or French plate. This makes the unit easier to clean and safer to operate. Since they don't have open flames, they don't create much excess heat, putting less strain on the HVAC systems. Therefore, a commercial electric stove can be a better option for facilities without the proper venting necessary for a gas stove. 

Many professional chefs have fallen for the cooking consistency of commercial gas stoves. Commercial gas ranges have open burners with faster heat-up times. Gas burners respond more quickly to temperature adjustments, providing more precise control over the cooking process. Because commercial stoves are the most frequently used cooking appliances, energy efficiency is crucial. Gas is usually more affordable than electricity in many states. Plus, most commercial gas stoves come with a conversion kit to switch between natural and propane gas.

Specialty commercial ranges are available for a more diversified cooking potential. Wok ranges are industrial stoves with a raised ring to accommodate round-bottomed woks. Their burners produce high BTU ratings to supply the heat needed for stir-fried menus. Stockpot ranges are low-height commercial stoves suitable for the safer handling of large cooking vessels like stockpots. Kitchens with space limitations or those that need extra burners can benefit from commercial hotplates and countertop industrial stoves with electric or gas burners. 

Key Points In Buying Commercial Ranges

Commercial ranges are so versatile that running a foodservice establishment with one restaurant stove and no other cooking equipment is practically possible. However, it would help if you made a well-informed decision since they can have a large variety of top and base configurations.

1. Top Configurations of Commercial Ranges

You can configure your commercial range top for more varied cooking tasks based on the recipes you serve. A closer look at your menu will help you find the proper configuration to suit your kitchen's needs. The greatest thing about commercial stoves is that you can have one or a combination of the two or three cooktops below.

  • Open Burners Top: Commercial ranges with open gas burners are the most widespread configuration. They are made of cast iron or stainless steel. You can boil, simmer, sauté, or fry ingredients in any pot or pan over open flames. Restaurant ranges can have up to 12 open burners.
  • Hot Tops / French Tops: Hot tops, also known as even-heat tops, are thick flat cooking surfaces that allow moving pans and pots freely. French tops are also flat and have circular rings for temperature adjustment. The central ring can be used for high-heat cooking while you do the simmering or hot-holding tasks on the outer rings.
  • Griddle Tops: Commercial ranges with a griddle top offer a vast and smooth grilling area perfect for serving breakfast items like eggs, pancakes, or omelets. You can quickly flip your burgers, fish, or steaks on the non-stick griddle plate.
  • Plancha Top: A plancha is also a flat top-like griddle, but its heating source is circular. The temperature lowers as you move from the hottest center to the outer sides. Therefore, you can shift your ingredients without using any temperature controls.
  • Charbroilers Top: They look like outdoor grills with metal grates that open attractive sear marks on products. A commercial range with a charbroiler top can help you win the favor of those craving the smoky and juicy texture of charr-grilled steaks, fish, or poultry.

2. Base Configuration of Commercial Ranges

If you purchase a freestanding commercial range, you'll also have to configure the base below the stovetop. Manufacturers offer various alternatives to help you make the best use of your space and increase your equipment's versatility. Here are the most common base configurations.

  • Oven Bases: Oven bases include small-sized space saver ovens and larger standard ovens. Some commercial stoves also have convection ovens, circulating the hot hair inside the oven cabinet through built-in fans for more even baking of products. 
  • Refrigerated Bases: A refrigerated base provides you with additional cold storage. Quick access to ingredients underneath a commercial range will improve the workflow in your kitchen.
  • Cabinets: An open or enclosed cabinet under a restaurant stovetop means extra room for storing pots, pans, or other cooking vessels close at hand.

and energy efficiency are hot priorities for today's foodservice operators. A commercial range is unmatched in both. It increases your cooking capacity and enriches your menu. Check out the hundreds of models at Chef's Deal from leading brands, American RangeComstock-CastleImperialJadeVulcan, and many more. Also, please note that most commercial ranges need a flue riser, a protective material used to direct excess heat towards a range hood.