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The age-old question of whether to buy kitchen equipment that works with gas or electricity holds true for commercial steam kettles as well. If you’re considering purchasing a steam kettle that uses gas as the power source, we have the best gas jacketed kettle for you! Here on Chef’s Deal, the wide collection of commercial gas steam kettle will help you find the best one that suits the needs of your kitchen. We offer various types of gas steam kettles from stationary gas kettle to countertop gas steam kettle from top kitchen supplier brands. So, let’s start!


Here is Your New Gas Steam Kettle!


While comparing the electric steam kettles and gas steam kettles, the energy costs play an important role. In some locations, the gas option may cost more than the electricity but in the long run buying a high-quality, durable gas steam kettle can ease up the costs.  In some cases, a gas steam kettle is considered as a good alternative to an electric steam kettle. For example, if you’re running a food truck, a gas steam kettle may be the right option for you since finding high-powered electrical outlets can be tricky. Moreover, a gas steam kettle can have its own place in your kitchen, standing on its own legs or you can buy a countertop gas steam kettle to save up space.


When using your new gas steam kettle in daily life, accessibility is a crucial factor. Steam kettles have different designs, meaning that you can purchase a gas tilting kettle or a stationary gas kettle. The first one makes it easier to transfer the contents of the steam kettle easily and quickly, but the stationary steam kettles are often preferred if you need a kettle with a high capacity. However, that doesn’t mean that tilting kettles can have high capacity; the capacity of a tilting kettle can be as high as 80 gallons or even more.


After deciding on the features of your new steam kettle, you may choose the one for you from the wide range of brands we enlist on our website. From our rich catalog, you can opt for a Groen gas kettle or any other quality brands we carry.

If you have any questions in your mind about the products or the services we have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You may reach us by calling our call center or using the ChefsBot on our website. We’re here for you!