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Tortilla Machine

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If you want to start a tortilla business or upgrade what you have already started, then a professional tortilla machine is what you have been looking for. At Chef’s Deal, you can find a tortilla machine to fit your needs and enhance your business. Let’s dive into this delicious world together!


What is A Tortilla Machine?


A tortilla maker is a machine to process corn dough into corn tortillas for serial production. They mostly produce 30-60 tortillas per minute. Most of the American and Mexican tortilla shops use this kitchen appliance to grow their businesses. So, if you think that it is time for you to grow yours, then you are in the right place! Chef’s Deal offers different types of tortilla maker machines to help you serve delicious tortillas for your customers.


If you’re new in the business, learning the working principle of an automatic tortilla maker matters a lot. A commercial tortilla maker takes nixtamalized corn and compresses it. After that, it shapes the compressed corn into little tortillas. If you are not only serving tortillas but selling packages of them, it is even more productive with a metal conveyor belt.


Advantages of An Automatic Tortilla Machine


Serving your customers hand-made tortillas might be challenging when you start to grow your business. However, we know that you would not like to lose the taste you have been serving for a long time. Serving delicious tortillas for large influxes is not far away with the right tortilla machine. Here are some other advantages of using a commercial tortilla machine:


  • Commercial tortilla machines Chef’s Deal offers are NSF certified. Meaning that you can have confidence in safety.
  • As it will ease the daily operations, you’ll see the increase in your staff’s productivity with your own eyes.
  • A tortilla machine will help you reach a consistent taste. So, your customers will be at your restaurant to “that” tortilla.
  • The tortilla industry is a competitive one. Thus, getting a fast and effective tortilla machine might help you get ahead of your competitors.


At Chef’s Deal, you can find different tortilla machine prices to fit your budget. Besides, there is a tortilla machine for sale option to help you not postpone your plans to equip your kitchen better. Whatever your final decision is, you can give us a call to get a special payment plan to get the right tortilla maker to boost your business.