Vertical Broiler (Gyro), Gas

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  1. $1,884.14

    FINANCE FOR: $46.00/mo.

  2. $2,247.84

    FINANCE FOR: $54.88/mo.

  3. $1,589.68

    FINANCE FOR: $38.81/mo.

  4. $2,650.35

    FINANCE FOR: $64.70/mo.

  5. $1,995.12

    FINANCE FOR: $48.71/mo.

  6. $2,971.42

    FINANCE FOR: $72.54/mo.

  7. $1,605.16

    FINANCE FOR: $39.19/mo.

  8. Special Price $1,817.44

    FINANCE FOR: $36.55/mo.

  9. Special Price $1,620.00

    FINANCE FOR: $32.58/mo.

  10. Special Price $2,635.52 $2,685.61

    FINANCE FOR: $64.34/mo.

  11. Special Price $3,862.74 $3,969.53

    FINANCE FOR: $94.30/mo.

  12. Special Price $3,244.42 $3,321.73

    FINANCE FOR: $79.21/mo.

  13. $1,670.31

    FINANCE FOR: $40.78/mo.

  14. Special Price $1,550.87 $1,755.67

    FINANCE FOR: $37.86/mo.

  15. $1,071.29

    FINANCE FOR: $26.15/mo.

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Now, you can serve the most delicious doner kebabs, gyros, shawarmas, shish kebabs, and tacos el pastor! With a new commercial gas vertical broiler, your place can be the best gyro place in town. A gas vertical broiler is a unique equipment that allows you to grill meat on a spit or a steel rod for long hours, after serving thin slices of the meat, the remainder continues to cook. Its unique grilling method enables you to have freshly cooked meat at any time of the day. If you want to buy a gas gyro machine, you’ve come to the right place! 


Spice Up Your Menu with a New Gyro Machine!


We believe, as Chef’s Deal, having high-quality equipment that suits your needs is the key to serve the best food to your customers. That is why we offer the top brands with the most advantageous deals on the market. On our website, you can buy a Uniworld, Eurodib, and MVP Group gas vertical broiler while looking for a gas vertical broiler for sale. We promise your customers will love the doner kebabs, shawarmas, and gyros you made with beef, lamb, chicken, or turkey.


The capacity of a countertop gas gyro machine changes with its height; it can go up to as 50”-59” tall. As the height of the vertical broiler gas increases the capacity of meat it can grill as well. Thus, when deciding which gas vertical broiler to buy, you should consider the daily amount of food you want to grill. To ease the amount of work you put in maintaining your new gas gyro machine, we advise you to look into the models that have a removable drip tray. 


If you are questioning whether you can use your new gas vertical broiler with liquid propane or not, the answer is yes, you can. Most of the models come with fitted for natural gas, yet they also can be converted to propane. 


Please, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling our call center or using the ChefsBot if you have questions on which vertical broiler to buy or on payment and financing options we offer. We will gladly help you to solve any issue you may encounter here on Chef’s Deal.