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Hot Dog Equipment

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Who doesn’t love a fresh, warm meal that’s ready in seconds?! It’s one of everyone’s favorite convenience foods. Easy to eat on the go, and a versatile platform for so many wonderful toppings. Kids, teens, adults—everyone loves them! So it’s no wonder they feature so prominently in restaurants, convenience shops, and at festivals and fairs. But to keep your ‘dogs ahead of the competitions, you’ll need the best and most reliable hot dog equipment—and that’s exactly what we have for you.

We have everything you need for awesome sausages and more!

· Bun boxes and warmers
· Sneeze guards
· Broilers
· Roller grills
· Steamers
· And that’s not all!
You might skim our prices and think that we’re cutting corners somewhere, but we assure you—we’re not. We only stock hot dog equipment from brands with reputations as excellent as our own, including BakeMax, Eurodib USA, Gold Metal Products, Cozoc, Admiral Craft, Star Manufacturing, and Vollrath.

Our prices aren’t low because we’re stocking less than desirable products. They’re low because as one of the biggest and most loved restaurant equipment dealers in Canada and the United States, we’re able to buy and sell at a much larger scale. And we pass those savings on to you.

Because we’re not looking to make a quick buck. If we were, we’d have been out of this business years ago! On the contrary, we value long term relationships with our customers because we consider equipment sales to be a way to partner with our clients. We want you to succeed, because we know that you’ll come back to us when you need something else.

Whether you’re picking up a single sneeze guard or an appliance worth tens of thousands of dollars, our customer service agents will be respectful and helpful. Call today!