Crown DLT-40F Tilting Direct Steam Kettle

Crown DLT-40F Tilting Direct Steam Kettle

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Crown DLT-40F Tilting Direct Steam Kettle

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Tilting Kettle, direct steam, 40 gallon capacity, full jacket, crank tilt with self-locking positive stop, 316 stainless steel interior liner, 304 stainless steel exterior, stainless steel tubular legs with adjustable flanged feet


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Crown DLT-40F Specs

Brand Crown
Model Number DLT-40F
Weight 396 lbs
Width 39.75"
Depth 34.75"
Height 37"
Capacity 30 - 45 gallon
Tilt manual tilt
Base tri-leg
Kettle Liner 316 stainless steel
Kettle Jacket full jacket

Crown Direct Steam Full Jacketed Tilting Kettle


  • Shall be a Crown models, direct steam connected full jacketed leg tilting kettle. A double wall kettle interior shall form a steam jacket around the kettle. The bottom of the kettle shall be of hemispherical design for superior heat circulation.
  • The mounting frame of stainless steel pipe shall support the kettle and tilt console and conceal the steam piping, house the steam control valve and tilt mechanism. Each leg shall be fitted with a 4 hole adjustable flanged foot for securing to the floor. The tilt mechanism shall permit the kettle to tilt forward a full 90° for complete emptying. The tilting mechanism shall be self-locking for positive stop action.
  • Construction shall be all welded #4 finish stainless steel type 304. The kettle liner shall be standard 316 for high acid content cooking. Faucet bracket standard.
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