Crown TOC-2 Countertop Direct Steam Kettle

Crown TOC-2 Countertop Direct Steam Kettle


Crown TOC-2 Countertop Direct Steam Kettle

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Oyster Cooker, direct steam, 2 quart (1.9 liter) capacity, manual tilt, table mount, lifetime 'O' ring seals, stainless steel construction, 316 stainless steel finish, 11 PSI


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Crown TOC-2 Specs

Brand Crown
Model Number TOC-2
Weight 35 lbs
Width 12.38"
Depth 10"
Height 17.88"
Kettle Liner stainless steel
Tilt type single arm
Kettle Jacket partial jacket

Crown Direct Steam Table Mount Steam Jacketed “Oyster Cooker”


  • Stainless steel type 316 satin finished. Cooker operating at a max. 11 psi (76kPa).
  • Oyster Cooker will tilt on kettle trunnions having lifetime “O” ring seals. Ease of tilting is provided with a right tilt handle and a pouring lip is provided to direct fluid flow.
  • NOTOyster Cooker is supported on kettle trunnions by left and right legs and a centre rigid leg provides level support. The right leg shall have a steam control valve to regulate steam entry into the jacket. The left leg provides a means for removing condensate formed in the jacket.
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