Delfield CAB4-813 Mobile Enclosed 4-Stack Dish Dispenser w/ 8.12

Delfield CAB4-813 Mobile Enclosed 4-Stack Dish Dispenser w/ 8.12" Dia. Dish Size, Unheated


Delfield CAB4-813 Mobile Enclosed 4-Stack Dish Dispenser w/ 8.12" Dia. Dish Size, Unheated


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Delfield CAB4-813 Specs

Brand Delfield
Model Number CAB4-813
Weight 213 lbs
Width 32.25"
Depth 32.25"
Height 36"
Plate Style round
Plate Diameter 5" - 9"
Compartment Qty (4) compartments
Base Style enclosed
Type unheated

The Delfield CAB4-813 Mobile Enclosed Four-Stack Dish Dispensers

Delfield CAB4-813 Specification


Cabinet top shall be 16-gauge stainless steel with all corners welded and polished and reinforced with heavy-gauge channels. Cabinet exterior panels and corner support angles shall be 20-gauge stainless steel. Unit shall have four 4.00" (10cm) diameter polyolefin swivel casters, and non-marking gray bumpers at each corner.


Dispenser tube shall have 3 vertical side channels and a bottom brace of 22-gauge stainless steel. Top supporting flange shall be 18-gauge stainless steel. Flange, channels and bottom brace shall be integrally welded together. Flange shall have 3 guide posts molded from high impact plastic.

Self-leveling Mechanisms

Self-leveling mechanisms shall be field adjustable by adding or removing stainless steel extension springs on perimeter of vertical side channels. The dish carrier head shall be stainless steel welded rods with a removable 18-gauge stainless steel top plate.


Capacity of tubes shall be approximately 72 dishes, with a maximum stacking height of 24.00" (61cm). Models without “-ET” or “-QT” suffix are unheated.

Delfield CAB4-813 Standard Features

  • Cabinet top to be 16-gauge stainless steel
  • Outer body and corners to be 20-gauge stainless steel
  • Non-marring gray corner bumpers
  • (4) 4.00” locking polyolefin swivel casters
  • Dispenser top flange, vertical side channels and bottom brace are stainless steel
  • CAB4-813: 4 stack unheated dish dispensers
  • Dispenser flange, channels and bottom to be integrally welded
  • Spring supports to be 14-gauge S/S
  • Carrier head made of welded rods with a removable 18-gauge top plate
  • Field adjustable self-leveling mechanism
  • High impact plastic guide posts mounted to flange
  • One year parts and 90 day labor warranty Heated, QT & ET, Features
  • 9’ cord and plug
  • Convection heating module and fan motor per dispenser
  • 22-gauge stainless steel jacket around dispenser
  • Air intake shall be filtered
  • On/off switch on each dispenser
  • Adjustable thermostat per dispenser
  • QT- stainless steel cover per dispenser
  • ET maintains 120-140°F (49-60°C)
  • QT maintains 150-170°F (66-77°C)

Delfield CAB4-813 Options & Accessories

  • 12” diameter S/S dish dispenser tray (-1200 and -1450 models only)
  • Rods for oval dishes and diameter adjustment (-813 through -1450 only)
  • Stainless steel tube cover (-500 through -725 models only)
  • Stainless steel dome cover (-813 through -1450 models only)
  • Hold-down rod for dispenser tubes
  • Wrap-around bumpers
  • Four 4” or 5” polyurethane casters
  • Flange-mount feet in lieu of casters
  • 220 volt, 50/60 cycle, single phase electrical connections*
  • Shorten dispenser tubes to special length

* Inclusion of these options will alter the electrical specifications of unit

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