Delfield F18SC39BP 39

Delfield F18SC39BP 39" 1 Door Refrigerated Sandwich / Salad Prep Table


Delfield F18SC39BP 39" 1 Door Refrigerated Sandwich / Salad Prep Table

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Refrigerated Counter, Salad Top, single-section, (1) 19" door, stainless steel top with (8) 1/6 size pan opening recessed 2" (pans not included), plate shelf, ABS interior sides, stainless steel floor, unfinished ends & back, side-mounted self-contained refrigeration, 6.12" adjustable stainless steel legs, R404a refrigerant, cUL, UL, 1/4 hp


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Delfield F18SC39BP Specs

Brand Delfield
Model Number F18SC39BP
Weight 390 lbs
Width 39"
Width 39"
Height 49.09"
Depth 31.5"
Sections 1 section
Refrigeration self-contained, side mounted
Exterior Finish stainless steel front, top & sides
Access Type doors
No of Doors 1 door
Compressor Style front breathing
Pan Capacity (Top) 8 - 9 pan

The Delfield F18SC39BP Self-Contained Refrigerated Salad Top Tables

Why Use Delfield's Equipment Stands?

EcoMark Fabrication consists of several standard models that can be integrated with options and accessories to create specific customer solutions. Everything from basic utility storage to several refrigerators, freezers, prep tables, hot food tables and display cases.

The Delfield F18SC39BP Self-Contained Refrigerated Salad Top Tables, Chef's Deal
The Delfield F18SC39BP Self-Contained Refrigerated Salad Top Tables, Chef's Deal

Superior Refrigeration Systems

  • Space saving mullion style evaporator coils distribute the air evenly throughout the base cabinets to maximize performance while improving overall energy consumption
  • Adaptive defrost logic is built into the temperature controls for on demand defrost only when the unit needs it and hot gas defrost systems are utilized to further conserve energy
  • All temperature controls are located outside of the refrigeration environments to improve efficiency and reliability

Efficient Base Design

  • Refrigerated bases are constructed to be efficient and durable
  • High-density polyurethane foam is injected as a two-part liquid to ensure all gaps are filled and properly insulated as well as adding overall strength to the units
  • ABS base fronts are utilized as a thermal break around door openings to prevent condensation and ice build-up
  • ABS interior sides and door fronts improve the overall insulation of the base and provide molded accommodations for shelves and door gaskets
  • Stainless steel interior backs and bottoms allow flexibility with overall unit lengths
The Delfield F18SC39BP Self-Contained Refrigerated Salad Top Tables, Chef's Deal
The Delfield F18SC39BP Self-Contained Refrigerated Salad Top Tables, Chef's Deal

Expert Cold Pan Design

  • EcoMark cold pans and prep tables utilize expertly designed mechanically cooled wrapped cold wall construction
  • Secure refrigeration lines ensure maximum contact and efficiency
  • Integral “V” stamped pan rests are formed directly into the cold pan interior walls to eliminate any loose clips or thumbscrews while improving cleanability

Full Extension Plus Drawer System

Delfield’s full extension plus drawer system literally surpasses every drawer on the market today. In fact they extend a full 15% further than other manufactures.

The Delfield F18SC39BP Self-Contained Refrigerated Salad Top Tables, Chef's Deal

Delfield F18SC39BP Standart Features

  • High density environmentally friendly, Kyoto Protocol Compliant, Non ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential), Non GWP (Global Warming Potential) polyurethane foam insulation throughout unit
  • Refrigerated base fronts are made of .095" thick ABS plastic backed by rigid polyurethane water blown injection molded frames. (NO WOOD)
  • Interior base cabinet is cooled with mullion style evaporator blower coils (coated) mounted between each door/drawer section for very even air and temperature control
  • F18SC39BP: 39" length, eight 1/6 pan capacity
  • 16-gauge stainless steel top construction
  • Unfinished ends,
  • Interior sub-top is made of ABS plastic
  • 2BF stainless steel refrigerated base interior back and bottom
  • Exterior drawer fronts are stainless steel with ABS plastic liner
  • Snap-in dart style vinyl magnetic gasket
  • Recessed black plastic handles held in with a positive lock system
  • 14-gauge leg rails that run the entire length
  • 6.12" adjustable stainless steel legs and bullet feet
  • 8' cord and plug on self
  • Environmentally friendly HFC-404A refrigerant
  • Cold pan to have 2BF stainless steel interior with pans recessed 2.00"
  • Cold pan is sized for two 1/6-size pans deep. Pans and adapter bars by others
  • Cold pan has a on/off switch and maintains NSF7 temperatures utilizing a pressure control
  • Refrigerator interior maintains 36º to 40º at 100º ambient room temperature
  • One year parts and 90 day labor standard warranty

Delfield F18SC39BP Options & Accessories

  • Available with LiquiTec cooling pan
  • Remote refrigeration (contact factory) Stainless steel end or back
  • Laminate facing (full front)
  • Laminate end or back
  • Polyethylene or composite cutting board
  • Tray rack
  • Drawers in lieu of one door, 19", 27" or 32"
  • Locks
  • Cold pan drain
  • 220V/50 cycle*
  • Fixed or adjustable height casters
  • Celsius readout for electronic control
  • Fan assist package for rail
  • Temp control viewing lens on mechanical housing

* Inclusion of this option will alter the electrical specifications

Delfield F18SC39BP Specification

  • Exterior Top: Constructed of one-piece 16-gauge stainless steel, with integral 2.12" (5.4cm) square nosing at the front, and 4.00" (10.2cm) high by 2" (5.1cm) deep backsplash at the rear. Top has an opening for use with 1/6 size pans. Pans and adapter bars supplied by others. Pans are recessed 2” (5cm) and rest on pan supports. Pan opening has a 20-gauge stainless steel removable cover. Temperature in top opening to maintain 33°F (1°C) to 41°F (5°C), with pans recessed 2” (5cm), at 86°F ambient room temperature, meeting NSF7 requirements.
  • Unit has a stainless steel plate shelf 8.4” [21.3cm] above the doors.
  • Base interior has a 22-gauge stainless steel back and bottom. Interior ends and door frames are thermoformed ABS plastic. Base is insulated with 1.5" (3.8cm) of high-density foamed-in-place polyurethane
  • Exterior back and bottom to be 24-gauge galvanized steel. Exterior ends are 18-gauge galvanized steel.
  • Door(s) have a 22-gauge stainless steel exterior front, with a thermoformed ABS plastic interior liner. Door(s) have a black recessed handle and a snap-in magnetic gasket which is easily replaceable.
  • Base has a machine compartment, standard on the right, with condensing unit, condensate evaporator and an electrical junction box installed. Machine compartment has a louver for access to condensing unit. Blower coil(s) are located behind the door mullions and refrigerate the cabinet. HFC-404A refrigerant and maintains 36°F (2°C) to 40°F (4°C) interior cabinet temperature in the base.
  • Electronic control for base reads air temperature. Electronic control for rail displays temperature for set point purposes only. Display does not reflect air or product temps in unit. On/Off switches for rail and base are located behind the louvered panel.
  • Electrical Connections: 115 volts, 60 Hertz, single phase. Unit has an 8' (2.4m) long cord and plug.
  • Unit is mounted on 6.13" (15.6cm) high adjustable stainless steel legs.
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