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Commercial Sinks

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Meeting codes and regulation might be challenging if your restaurant is not equipped with professional kitchen appliances. For instance, a restaurant sink is a must if you want to keep your kitchen clean and meet all the codes and regulations. Luckily, you can find different restaurant sink types from hand sinks to three compartment sinks here at Chef’s Deal. Let us help you discover them all before you make your purchase.


Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized


Running a restaurant requires a tidy and clean kitchen. You probably have a sink in your kitchen but using a commercial one would be a better idea for a professional kitchen. Thus, having a commercial kitchen sink in your restaurant is a must. But, you might be wondering the unknown advantages of having them in your kitchen. Here we listed some of them for you.


  • Using a restaurant kitchen sink keeps your dishwashing and food preparation area clean at all times. If you want to separate these two areas from each other, you can prefer a drop-in sink. That way your chef could wash vegetables while the other staff wash the dishes.
  • Many restaurant sinks are stainless steel. Meaning that it not only helps you keep the kitchen clean but also helps you clean the sink itself easily. Thus, using a stainless steel commercial sink is a clever idea.
  • Whether you need a single compartment sink or a three compartment sink, make sure that you get a sink that matches your kitchen’s needs. If you run a busy restaurant, then a single compartment sink won’t be enough for both preparing food and washing the dishes. A three compartment sink, on the other hand, let you run the daily operation much easily.
  • What’s more is that using a stainless steel restaurant sink in your kitchen helps your business stay sanitary. That’s why you don’t have to worry about unexpected inspections.
  • Besides single and three compartment sinks, there is also another type. You can install a stainless hand sink in your kitchen making a specific area only a hand wash spot. It might look unnecessary but installing hand sinks are proven to speed up everything in the kitchen. You can also choose mobile hand sinks so that it is easy to change the place of the hand wash spot making it even a more practical appliance.


Get Commercial Kitchen Sinks Stainless Steel and Affordable


Chef’s Deal has been one of the leading restaurant supply chains in the industry with its experienced team. Before you make your purchase, reach our experienced team to get a financing consultancy so that you can pay monthly without getting over your budget. From commercial sink for sale to restaurant hand sink types, there are many options to choose from. Thus, if you want to see restaurant sinks for sale or restaurant hand sink for sale options, you’re in the right place to start! Discover the products now!