DoughXpress TXM-15CP Manual 15

DoughXpress TXM-15CP Manual 15" x 15" Meat Press


DoughXpress TXM-15CP Manual 15" x 15" Meat Press


(36315) "Lil Chick" Meat Press, manual, 15" x 15", xylan coated upper & lower platens, infinite range thickness adjustment, 4 at a time, 700 pieces/hour, handled, white finish, ETL-Sanitation, Made in USA

DoughXpress TXM-15CP Specs

Brand DoughXpress
Model Number TXM-15CP
Weight 68 lbs
Width 16.5"
Height 15.35"
Depth 25.36"

The DoughXpress TXM-15-CP Manual Meat Press

Why Use DoughXpress Meat Press?

Eliminate tiresome, time consuming portion pounding with our manual meat press. The TXM-15-CP is economical, efficient, consistent and easy to use. It is great for low to medium production volumes. The consistent thickness resulting from the TXM-15-CP enables consistent cook time and plate presentation. The TXM-15-CP is perfect for chicken, pork, fish and veal. The TXM-15-CP is a swing away design making loading and removing product easy.

The DoughXpress TXM-15-CP Manual Meat Press, Chef's Deal
The DoughXpress TXM-15-CP Manual Meat Press, Chef's Deal

Portable Swing Away Design & Pressing Tips

  • Light weight for easy portability
  • No electricity needed
  • Great for catering where power is not available
  • Swing away design makes loading and removing product fast and easy
  • Use parchment paper or saran wrap to cover product before pressing for faster, cleaner pressing

Finished Product & Production

  • Consistent thickness time after time
  • Consistent cook time
  • Increased center of plate coverage
  • 15”x15” platen allows for up to 4 portions at a time or 300-400/hr
  • Dial in the desired thickness form paper thin to 1” thick
  • Eliminate time consuming palliard method of flattening meat products
  • Presses require no skilled labor
  • Presses are safe and have no age requirements

DoughXpress TXM-20 Features

  • 15”x15”’ platens
  • Standard PTFE non-stick coating on upper and lower platens
  • Swing away design for easy placement of your cutlets/breasts
  • Perfect for chicken, pork, veal and hamburger
  • Light weight
  • Adjustable thickness dial
  • ETL Sanitation
  • Wipe down with a moist towel - if needed, use damp sponge with minimal soap and water and then dry off
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