EconAir EX-2 14ft Exhaust Hood

EconAir EX-2 14ft Exhaust Hood


EconAir EX-2 14ft Exhaust Hood

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  • 5424EX-2-PSP-F - 14ft 0" Long Exhaust-Only Wall Canopy Hood with 16" Wide Front Perforated Supply Plenum with Built-in 3" Back Standoff x 1
  • 430 SS Where Exposed x 1
  • L55 Series E26 Canopy Light Fixture - High Temp Assembly, Includes Clear Thermal and Shock Resistant Globe (L55 Fixture), Bulbs By Others x 4
  • FILTER - 20" tall x 16" wide Kleen-Gard Stainless Steel Baffle Filter with Handles and Bottom Hanging Hook, UL Classified x 10
  • EXHAUST RISER - Factory installed 16" Diameter X 4" Height x 2
  • Utility Cabinet on the Right Side 12.00" Width x 54.00" Length x 24.00" Height x 1
  • SUPPLY RISER - 12"x 28" Supply Riser with Volume Dampers x 4
  • 1/2 Pint Grease Cup New Style, Flanged Slotted x 2
  • Electrical Package Installation in Utility Cabinet by Plant x 1

EconAir 5424EX-2-PSP-F-14FT Specs

Brand EconAir
Model Number 5424EX-2-PSP-F-14FT
Weight 1656 lbs
Hood Style exhaust hoods
Type 1/2 Type 1
Length 14'
Front Shape Regular
Fire Suppression optional fire suppression
  • EconAir
  • Accessories

    Exhaust/Supply Fan Package

    Exhaust fan packages are comprised of upblast grease exhaust fan(s) and untempered supply fan. Upblast grease exhaust fans are available in roof mounted and side-wall mounted configurations. Grease exhaust fan(s) include vented factory curb, hinge kit, and grease box, and emergency disconnect switch. Supply fans include factory roof curb or wall mount bracket. Supply fan options for direct fired gas and electric heat are available upon request.

    EconAir EX-2 10ft Exhaust Hood,Upblast-Exhaust-Fan, Chef's Deal

    Electrical System

    The pre-wired electrical control package is designed to control exhaust fan(s), supply fan, and lights for the kitchen ventilation system. The control package is designed to thermostatically activate the exhaust fan(s) whenever elevated temperatures are sensed in the exhaust system. This option will meet the requirements of IMC 507.2.1.1 by providing a thermostat(s) mounted in the duct or hood riser to sense increased exhaust temperatures. The electrical package are pre-wired at the factory based to meet specific applications and include color-coded wiring. As-built wiring diagrams are provided and are posted inside of the panel.

    EconAir EX-2 10ft Exhaust Hood, Control-Package, Chef's Deal

    Fire Suppression

    Fire suppression package includes factory pre-piped nozzles and detection based on cooking appliances under the hood. Fire suppression system options are available for fire system hook-up, permit, and final test through licensed fire suppression distributor.

    EconAir EX-2 10ft Exhaust Hood,Fire Suppression, Chef's Deal

    EconAir’s EX-2 Exhaust Only Hood efficiently meets the challenges of most cooking applications.

    Why Use EconAir's EX-2?

    Econ Air EX-2 14ft Exhaust Hood is a Type 1 commercial kitchen hood manufactured by Econ Air, a subsidiary company of Captive Aire. This model is stainless steel construction and wall-mounted or double island. Its exhaust canopy helps you collect and remove the grease-laden vapors and smoke of any commercial kitchen equipment.

    Econ Air Hood Ex-2 High Performance

    Econ Air EX-2 14ft Exhaust Hood is tested and can be used over 450ºF light/medium duty cooking surfaces, 600ºF heavy-duty* cooking surfaces, and up to 700°F extra-heavy-duty* cooking surfaces. ETL Listed and ETL Sanitation Listed Econ Air Model EX-2 14ft Exhaust Hood has exceptional features of capturing and containing cooking vapors.

    Econ Air 14ft Exhaust Hood Standard Features

    • Integral Front Baffle To Direct Grease-Laden Vapors Toward The Exhaust Filter Bank
    • All Seams Are Welded Or In Conformance With Ul 710 Standards
    • UL Classified Heavy Duty Grease Baffle Filters
    • Wall Or Back-To-Back Island Configurations
    • Superior Exhaust Flow Rates
    • 430 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Double Wall, Insulated Front
    • An Integral Grease Drain System
    • Grease Drain System
    • Pre-Punched Hanging Angles
    • Factory Pre-Wired Lighting

    Econ Air 14ft Exhaust Hood Optional Features

    Econ Air EX-2 14ft Exhaust Hood comes with outstanding standard features. You can also find suggested optional specifications to increase your Econ Air Hood’s performance and efficiency here.

    • Fire Suppression System
    • Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction:
        – Exposed Surfaces Only
        – 100% Construction
    • Utility Cabinet, Electrical Controls and Face Mounted Controls
    • Front Perforated Supply Plenum
    • Rear Make-Up Air Plenum
    • Integral Clearance to Combustibles System
    • UL Listed Exhaust Fire Damper
    • Enclosure Panels to Ceiling
    • End Panels
    • Filters:
        – High-Velocity Cartridge Filters
        – Stainless Steel Baffle Type Filters
        – High-Efficiency Filters
        – Captrate combo Solo Filters
    • Lighting:
        – Recessed Incandescent
        – Recessed Fluorescent
        – Compact Fluorescent
        – LED
        – Recessed LED
        – Halogen
    • Roof Top Package
    • Separate Exhaust and/or Make-Up Air Fans
    • Heated Make-Up Air Units :
        – Direct Gas Fired Heated Make-Up Air Fans
        – Indirect Gas Fired Heated Make-Up Air Units
        – Electric Heated Make-Up Air Units

    * 600ºF heavy-duty cooking surfaces and up to 700°F extra-heavy-duty cooking surfaces are available; please request a quote or call for price.

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