Edlund 354/115V Tomato Slicer

Edlund 354/115V Tomato Slicer

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Edlund 354/115V Tomato Slicer

SKU EDL-354/115V


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Food Slicer, electric, 1/4" slice blade assembly, tomato or soft fruits & vegetable, stainless steel construction, 115v/60/1-ph certified

Edlund 354/115V Specs

Brand Edlund
Model Number 354/115V
Weight 30 lbs
Power electric
Blade Type straight blade
Slice thickness .250" = 1/4"

Edlund 350 Series Electric Slicer


  • Our outstanding electric tomato slicers also slice soft fruits and vegetables fast! You’ll get clean-cut uniform slices every time, even with overripe, soft tomatoes. High-speed reciprocating stainless steel serrated blades cut cleanly with minimum pressure. The only electric tomato slicer in the industry. Now improved with added safety features!


  • Available in three models to choose from 3⁄16, 1⁄4, 3⁄8 slice thicknesses
  • Easy to clean stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Additional blade and pusher assemblies can be purchased separately for greater flexibility. Please note: pusher assemblies must match blade assemblies
  • Unit dimensions: 11 1⁄2 ″(292mm) wide by 12 1⁄2 ″ (318mm) high by 17″ (432mm) deep
  • Comes complete with stainless steel wash guard for increased safety and sanitation
  • Guard locks over blade cartridge for safe cleaning in dishwasher
  • Factory set torque wrench is now included to prevent over tightening of blades
  • Made in USA
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