Edlund KSR-5000 Knife Sanitizer

Edlund KSR-5000 Knife Sanitizer


Edlund KSR-5000 Knife Sanitizer



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Made in USA

Edlund KSR-5000 Specs

Brand Edlund
Model Number KSR-5000
Weight 6 lbs
Material stainless steel
Certifications Made in USA, NSF

Edlund KSS-5050 Knife Sanitizing System


  • An Edlund exclusive! Our new KSS-5050 knife sanitizing system provides a complete method of liquid sanitizing, air drying, and storage of knives. The liquid sanitizing tank allows for submersion of the entire blade, thus ensuring complete sanitizing, and the built-in KR-50R knife rack provides the facility for air drying and safe storage of knives.
  • NSF Certified
  • Fully enclosed in stainless steel for increased sanitation
  • Liquid sanitizing/Air drying
  • Built in KR-50R knife rack
  • Removable racks, inserts, and tank for easy cleaning
  • The stainless steel splash plate provides a secure method for mounting to a wall stud
  • KSS-5050: 41 ⁄2″ x 18″ x 18″
  • A simple yet complete system for incorporating knife sanitation and maintenance into a HACCP program
  • Made in U.S.A.

From The Manufacturer

Knife Sanitizing System, liquid sanitizing, removable insert and tank, enclosed in stainless steel, made in USA, NSF certified

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