Electrolux 506029 34

Electrolux 506029 34" Door Type Pot/Pan/Utensil Dishwasher


Electrolux 506029 34" Door Type Pot/Pan/Utensil Dishwasher

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Pot & Pan Washer, 34-1/2”W, cantilevered (2) part door front load design, hot water sanitizing with built-in booster heater, 26-3/8"W x 27-15/16"D x 22-7/16"H washing chamber, (10) racks/hour capacity, front mounted electronic controls with built-in programming & digital read out, (4) washing programs (continuous or 6, 10 ,15 minute cycle), removable side washing arms, adjustable water pressure top & bottom removable wash arms, Wash Safe Control, double skinned stainless steel construction, adjustable feet, includes: sheet pan rack (864182) & basket (864191), 208v/60/3-ph, 45.0 amps, 3.5 HP, 14.8kW, cETLus, ETL-sanitation


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Electrolux Professional 506029 Specs

Brand Electrolux Professional
Model Number 506029
Weight 606 lbs
Width 34.5"
Depth 35.43"
Height 70.5"
Rack capacity approximately (10) racks/hour
Construction stainless steel
Racks single
Load Design front
Spray arms over/under rotating
Voltage 208
Phase 3
Door Clearance 22"
Water Consumption(Approx) 41 Gallons Per Hour

Electrolux Blast Chiller-Freezer

Standart Features:

  • Touchscreen: High resolution interface (translated into more than 30 languages including Spanish and French) - color-blind friendly panel.
  • Blast Chilling cycle: 110 lbs (50 kg) from +195°F (+90°C ) up to +37°F (+3°C) in less than 90 minutes.
  • Blast Freezing cycle: 110 lbs (50 kg) from +195ºF (90ºC) up to 0ºF (-18ºC) in less than four hours.
  • Chilling cycle (+50°F to -42°F/+10°C to -41°C) with automatic preset cycles: - Soft chilling (air temperature 32°F/0°C), ideal for delicate food and small portions. - Hard chilling (air temperature -4°F/-20°C), ideal for solid food and whole pieces.
  • X-Freeze: cycle (+50°F to -42°F/+10°C to -41°C): ideal for blast freezing all kinds of food (raw, half or fully cooked).
  • Lite-Hot cycle (+104°F to 0°F/+40°C to -18°C): Ideal for soft heating preparations.
  • Holding at +37°F (+3°C) for chilling or -8 °F (-22°C) for freezing, automatically activated at the end of each cycle, to save energy and maintain the target temperature (manual activation is also possible).
  • Infinite Cycle: chiller works continuously at the desired temperature; ideal for continuous production.
  • Automatic chilling/freezing mode including 10 food families (meat, poultry, fish, sauces and soup, vegetables, pasta/rice, bread, pastries and sweet bakery, dessert, beverage fast cooling) with 100+ different pre-installed variations. The Automatic Sensory Phase of the blast chiller optimizes the chilling process according to size, quantity and type of food loaded to achieve the selected result. Real time monitoring of chilling parameters. Personalize and save up to 70 variations per family.
  • Cycles+: - Cruise Cycle (Patented EP1716769B1 and related family) automatically sets the parameters for the quickest and best chilling (it works with probe) - Proving - Retarded Proving - Fast Thawing - Sushi&Sashimi (anisakis-free food) - Chill Sous-vide - Ice Cream - Yogurt - Chocolate
  • Programs mode: up to 1000 programs can be stored in the blast chiller's memory, to recreate the exact same high standard at any time. The programs can be grouped in 16 different categories to better organize the menu. 16-step chilling programs also available.
  • MultiTimer: Special feature to manage up to 20 different cooking cycles at the same time in the same cavity guaranteeing even cooking results. Up to 200 MultiTimer available programs
  • OptiFlow: air flow managent system to achieve maximum performance in cooking eveness and temperature control thanks to the special design of the cooking chamber, the high precision variable speed fan and the venting valve.
  • Cooling Fan: 7 speed levels. Fan stops in less than 5 seconds when door is opened.
  • 3-point multi sensor core temperature probe for high precision and food safety.
  • 6-point multi sensor core temperature probe for maximum precision and food safety (optional accessory).
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