EmberGlo AR30 Countertop Steamer

EmberGlo AR30 Countertop Steamer


EmberGlo AR30 Countertop Steamer



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(5400305) Top Injecting Steamer, electric, countertop, (1) 4" deep 1/2 size pan included, pump type, front opening drawer, manual fill water reservoir, stainless steel construction, (MUST use distilled or demineralized water) 1.5kW, UL, cUL, Made in USA

EmberGlo AR30 Specs

Brand EmberGlo
Model Number AR30
Weight 48 lbs
Width 12"
Depth 15.5"
Height 11.5"
Pan Size half size
Wattage 1500 watts

EmberGlo AR Series

Menu Versatility:

  • Experienced chefs agree that re-heating pre-cooked foods with steam heat is often better than relying on conventional ovens or microwaves. Unlike these dry heat sources, steam heat does not dry out food; instead, it locks in fl avor and freshness while heating foods thoroughly and with uniform consistency.
  • You’ll see the colors of your vegetables and other fresh food products brighten, as steam heat maintains all their natural vitamins and nutrients. Steam is truly a much healthier means of cooking many foods, giving them added nutritional appeal.
  • EmberGlo’s top injecting steamers are time savers. Many precooked foods may only require thawing, heating and/or re-hydrating,
  • tasks perfectly suited to steamers. Not only will steam heat improve your operational effi ciency, you’ll also be able to prepare many of your popular menu items in advance, refrigerating them until you’re ready to steam and serve.

Greater Efficiency for Greater Profit:

  • Our innovative engineers have designed the AR30/AR60/AR60CTS electric food steamers with your success in mind. That is why our steamers are built compactly to fi t all standard counters, backbars and service areas. Our front drawer models are created to fi t under your counter or shelf to provide you with more work space. For speedy warming, high pressure jets inject steam directly onto your food products from above.
  • The AR Series steamers are portable stackable models, with selfcontained distilled or demineralized water reservoirs, that can be moved from place to place for coff ee breaks, rush period or night service needs.

Timer Model:

  • The AR60CTS model includes a timer as well as a manual button. The unit can be used as a warmer or as a cooker. The main control timer can be set for any cooking time from 0 to 20 minutes. Steam is automatically injected at factory preset intervals. For manual operation, press the button momentarily and a shot of steam is injected. The manual button is designed to operate with a shot every 20 seconds only, rapid button pushing will over steam the unit.
  • All of our steamers are built ruggedly with stainless steel cabinets for easy cleaning and long life. For your added convenience, we include an extra deep, removable food pan for even more capacity
  • AR30 model includes a 4″ deep-standard ½ size restaurant pan
  • AR60 model includes a 4″ deep-standard ⅔ size restaurant pan
  • AR60CTS model includes a 4″ deep-standard ⅔ size restaurant
  • pan and has an adjustable 0 to 20 minute timer
  • EmberGlo steamers are proven time savers ... preparing a variety of foods effi ciently and economically.
  • When you require the best quality, be sure to specify an EmberGlo.
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