From restaurants to theme parks, carbonated frozen drinks are food for the soul and bring out the child in you no matter the age! On a hot day, even the sight of these drinks feels the cold, delicious refreshment. So why not have one in your restaurant or cafe? We have gathered the best machines for you to choose from. From over 30 models, pick the one you deserve and give your business the refreshment it needs.

Frosty Factory was in 1982, and its history of frozen beverage equipment goes way back. With years of experience, all units are durable and quality constructed for many years of service. This user-friendly brand that harnesses qualities such as the stand-by switch and handles that are installed on the side of the units provide ease of movement. The Frosty Factory frozen drink machine has models to choose from. According to your kitchen space, your capacity needs, and other factors, you will definitely find the one you're looking for.

Cool Owner, Cool Customer

Having a Frosty Factory Machine is sure to cool off your customers as well as make you the coolest business owner! The Frosty Factory 137a, 117a, 117a and 235r all have different features, but they all promise one thing: the best! The Frosty Factory 217a for example has double cylinders, meaning it can serve two different flavors. And because it has two cylinders it also has more capacity, that is up to (64) ten oz. drinks/hour/side. It takes more space, so if you have a spacious kitchen, you can consider this model. But if you don't have much space and customer capacity, the Frosty Factory 127a will do the trick for you. It has only one cylinder, therefore you can only serve one flavor at a time. But you will save up on valuable countertop space.

Although capacity and serving qualifications change, all the Frosty Factory machines have a standby switch, a lighted flavor sign that draws attention to the drink and high footing that enables easy cleaning in the kitchen. With these high production machines, you will never lose your cool!