Frymaster 11814G Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer

Frymaster 11814G Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer


Frymaster 11814G Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer

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Fryer, gas, floor model, 63 lb. capacity, full frypot, oil conserving, tube-type design, 18" x 14" cooking area, electronic ignition, includes: rack-type basket supports, basket hangers, (3) twin baskets, stainless steel frypot, door & cabinet sides, 119,000 BTU, CSA, ENERGY STAR®, Enerlogic®


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Frymaster 11814G Specs

Brand Frymaster
Model Number 11814G
Weight 255 lbs
Width 20"
Depth 33.13"
Height 47.75"
Exterior Finish stainless steel front & sides
Fat Capacity (approximate) 65 lb
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR®
Type restaurant
Filter no filter
Fry pot stainless steel fry pot
Basket Lifts without basket lifts

Frymaster 11814G Full Pot Floor Model Gas Fryer

Frymaster 11814G Standard Features

  • 18” x 14” x 3-3/4” (45.7 x 35.6 x 9.5 cm) frying area per frypot uses 63 lbs of oil and cooks three twin baskets of food at the same time
  • 119,000 Btu/hr (29,975 kcal/hr.) (34.9 kw/hr.) input per frypot meets high production demands of a varied menu
  • SMART4U® Lane controller has programmable cook buttons and features that make it easy to produce consistent, great-tasting food.
  • Thermo-Tube heat-transfer system efficiently transfers energy into the oil, saving energy and extending oil life
  • Robust, RTD, 1° compensating temperature probe
  • Wide cold zone traps sediment away from cooking area, safeguarding oil
  • Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet sides
  • Sturdy stainless steel over-the-flue basket hangers
  • Three twin baskets per frypot
  • Drain safety switch
  • A high efficient HD50G frypot that exceeds ENERGY STAR® guidelines, with a 50-lb oil capacity, 100,000 Btu/hr. (25,189 kcal/hr.) (29.3 kw/hr.), and a 14” x 14” x 3-1/2”(35.6 x 35.6 x 8.9 cm) cooking area
  • The HD50 frypot has a 2-Lane controller with all the features of the 3-Lane controller except that it manages the cooking of 2-twin baskets instead of three
  • Two additional twin baskets
  • Built-in filter for 11814G model
  • Bulk oil (dispose and fresh fill) on batteries with built-in filtration
  • External oil discharge (dispose only) available on built-in filter batteries of two or more frypots. Must specify front or rear connection. Front connection comes with 5’ washdown hose (precludes bulk rear oil discharge)
  • Digital, CM3.5, and SMART4U® 3000 controllers
  • Spreader cabinet(s) -- must fit within 4-cabinet fryer battery

Frymaster 11814G Specifications

  • The 1814 large capacity fryers have a 63-lb (31 liter) frypot oil capacity with an 18” x 14” x 3-3/4” (45.7 x 35.6 x 9.5 cm) cooking area. The ability to cook three baskets of food in an 18” x 14” x 3-3/4” cooking area allows for footprint, oil use, and energy use reductions over standard 50-lb fryers. Two 1814 fryers can do the work of three standard fryers and two 1814 fryers combined with an HD50 fryer allows three fryers to do the work of four standard fryers. The savings add up quickly using 12-20% less oil, upwards of 50% less energy, and 11-15% less space.
  • Frymaster’s Thermo-Tube heat transfer system with 6” vs. 4” diameter tubes provides superior heat-to-oil transfer that saves energy and extends oil life. The tubes have high-heat, stainless steel alloy flow baffles that efficiently transfer the fryer’s energy input to the surrounding oil. The durable baffles and reliable, builtto-last, high-efficiency burners keep maintenance to a minimum.
  • The fryer’s SMART4U Lane controller has programmable cook buttons and features that make it easy to produce consistent, great-tasting food. Digital, CM3.5, and SMART4U® 3000 controller options are also available.
  • Crumbs/sediment from the frying area are trapped in the wide cold zone where they do not carbonize and contaminate the oil or cling to fried foods. The bottom of the frypots are sloped toward the front and are equipped with a large drain line so crew members can quickly flush out sediment and remove old oil.
  • The built-in filtration models make it easy to preserve oil life and maintain food quality. The built-in filter utilizes an 8 GPM (30 LPM) pump and is equipped with a 3” (7.61 cm) drain line, making filtering fast, safe, and easy. The “built-in” feature puts filtration within the fryer battery where it’s most convenient to use.
  • Oil Capacity : 63 lbs. (31 liters
  • Overall Size(WxDxH) : 20” (50.8cm) x 33-1/8” (84.1cm) x 47-3/4” (121.3cm)
  • Drain Height : 17-1/2” (44.5)
  • Shipping Weight : 390 lbs. (177 kg)
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