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Trash Receptacles

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You might never see a Yelp review that says “Wow, that place had great trash receptacles,” but we guarantee there are some out there bemoaning the lack thereof, or the poor design, or some other noticeable negative feature. It hardly seems fair, but that’s how many restaurant goers are! But we’ve got exactly the trash receptacles your establishment needs from brands you trust, like All About Furniture.

We’ve made our name in this industry thanks to three main factors:
· Selection
· Prices
· Customer Service
You’ll notice that many retailers hit two of those three (sometimes even only one), but very rarely do you see all three come together.

That’s why we’ve been successful for so many years.

We have hundreds of the industry’s most beloved and trustworthy brands, and an unrivaled selection of over 100,000 unique products, including the best trash receptacles. Because every kitchen, every restaurant, and every establishment is an original. Every owner and manager has their own goals and plans. And every one of those goals depends on having the tools, appliances, and supplies to make them a reality.

We also know that every budget is different—and that each budget is allocated differently. One business might need the most cutting edge beverage mixer on the market and a simple four slice pop up toaster, while another needs a more modest one, but an unstoppable industrial conveyor toaster. So we make sure not to just have a varied selection when it comes to features, but also in terms of price point.

Our prices are the lowest you’ll see, because we pass our savings on to our customers. But that’s not all we do make our customers happy. We also ship throughout the United States (to all 50 states!) and Canada. We’ll even work with you on financing your restaurant equipment order. We’re standing by, waiting to hear from you!