FWE ETC-30 Meal Tray Delivery Cabinet

FWE ETC-30 Meal Tray Delivery Cabinet

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FWE ETC-30 Meal Tray Delivery Cabinet


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Patient Tray Cart, mobile, (30) 16" x 22" or 15" x 20" or 14" x 18" tray capacity, 5-1/4" OC, fixed rack assembly, non-insulated cart, (3) flush mounted insulated doors, push bar handles, wraparound bumper, stainless steel construction, 6" casters (2) rigid & (4) swivel with brakes


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FWE ETC-30 Specs

Brand FWE
Model Number ETC-30
Weight 520 lbs
Width 66.75"
Depth 27.5"
Height 63.5"
Size 3 compartment
Height 61" - 66"
Tray Size various
Construction stainless steel
Insulation non-insulated
Section 3 section
Tray Capacity 21 - 30

FWE ETC-30 Meal Tray Delivery Cabinet

FWE ETC-30 Standard Features

  • Versatility - stainless steel tray racks hold wide varieties of trays - easily adjustable to accommodate tray changes in your healthcare operations
  • Cleanability - stainless steel is favored by operators because it does not rust and is easy to clean. Other sanitary standard features include: antimicrobial magnetic door handles, lift-off doors and pitched center drain
  • Mobility - even when fully loaded, these carts move with ease. 6″ cart wash casters mounted to stress plates absorb shock during room service delivery. Hidden, magnetic door hold open feature allows for compact unloading and out-of-the-way in hallways
  • Noise suppression - FWE’s patient tray delivery carts feature standard sound dampening components: latchless door design, rubber door stoppers, rack grommets and quiet ride casters
  • Hospitals need durable foodservice equipment. FWE’s food delivery carts take the abuse of any transport applications. Standard features include: tubular welded stainless steel frame, full perimeter bumper, heavy-duty stainless steel hinges, solid tubular push bar handle and vented ends (allow excess heat and moisture to escape)
  • Serve hot and cold foods together using pellet systems, insulated or disposable containers - prepare meals ahead of time, then easily and quietly transport to serving location

FWE ETC-30 Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION. Heliarc welded, single unit construction of 18 gauge stainless steel. Welded tubular base frame shall be 1″ square, heavy gauge stainless steel tubing, with 10 gauge stainless steel reinforcing plates at corners and fittings. Cabinets shall have vented ends on each side of the unit. Cabinets shall be provided with drain and plug.
  • PUSH BAR HANDLE. Heavy-duty, 1″ diameter tubular stainless steel push handles: One (1) on single door units mounted on the rear of the unit, two (2) on multi-door units mounted on each end of the unit. Mountings are reinforced with stainless steel channel.
  • BUMPER. Solid 1.5″ wide continuous wraparound aluminum channel, bolted to frame, with snap-in, non-marking replaceable vinyl cushion. Full perimeter bumper extends beyond doors, handles, etc., for added protection. Shall be continuous, with corner cut-outs to facilitate cleaning.
  • DOORS AND LATCHES. Flush mounted, stainless steel insulated doors. Each door shall have two (2) heavy-duty, lift-off, 12 gauge stainless steel hinges. The hinge mountings are reinforced with stainless steel backing plates. Each door shall be equipped with a positive closing, flush-in-door, antimicrobial magnetic door handle. Each door shall be equipped with a hidden, magnetic door hold open feature.
  • TRAY SLIDES. Unitized tray slide assemblies shall be heavy gauge stainless steel, channels fixed in place at 5.25″ spacings. Assemblies are designed to accommodate one (1) 14″ x 28″, 15″ x 20″ or 16″ x 22″ trays. Removable stainless steel uprights shall easily lift off heavy-duty stainless steel supports without the use of tools. Each upright assembly contains four (4) sets of alignment holes that mount to fixed top and bottom alignment pins welded to cabinet floor and ceiling. Other spacings are available at time of order (consult factory).
  • PITCHED DRAIN. Cabinet shall have a pitched center drain to facilitate thorough cleaning of interior.
  • OVERALL EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS IN. (mm): 53.5″(h) x 27.5″(d) x 66.75(w) (1613 x 698 x 1695)
  • SHIP WT. : 520 lbs. (236kg)
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