Giles LT-4-XP Fryer Dump Station

Giles LT-4-XP Fryer Dump Station


Giles LT-4-XP Fryer Dump Station

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Xpress-peditor Landing Table, floor model, portable, accepts 18" x 26" sheet pan, removable center shelf, FIFO rotation systems, portable dump station, includes: sheet pan, glazing screen, 4" full pan, 2-1/2" full pan, cutting board & (2) pan grates, stainless steel top, racks, funnel and square tubing open frame base, swivel locking casters


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Giles LT-4-XP Specs

Brand Giles
Model Number LT-4-XP
Weight 138 lbs
Width 22.19"
Height 36.69"
Depth 28.81"
Exterior Finish all stainless steel exterior
Top drainer section
Type open cabinet base

Giles LT-4-XP Fryer Dump Station

Giles LT-4-XP Standard Features

  • Portable Dump Station ... easily unload cooked product directly into a serving pan, funnel concept helps reduce spillage and waste.
  • Use as a FIFO rotation system for point-of-sale ... place pan of fresh cooked product on rack beneath funnel ... transport to point-of-sale ... dump remaining unsold product on top of fresh, then place full pan for serving … older product is “first out” for sale.
  • Place a sheet pan on top of cart to create portable work surface. Put a cutting board in the pan for prep work ... drippings and scrap are contained in the pan.
  • Place additional sheet pans on the lower racks provide more space to transport fresh product, or soiled items.
  • Swivel locking casters provide easy 4-way maneuverability; lock to create a stable work table.
  • Durable stainless steel construction; racks & funnel are easily disassembled without tools for clean-up.
  • Multi-functional ... saves space in a crowded kitchen.

Giles LT-4-XP Specifications

  • Width: 22-3/16" [563 mm]
  • Height: 36-11/16” [932 mm]
  • Depth: 28-3/16” [732 mm]
  • Crated Wt :138 lbs [62.6 kg]
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