Globe is a family business founded in 1938 and has been serving its customers ever since. The core of their success is the importance they give to the customer. Whether designing their kitchen or just answering a question, Globe food equipment company is always on the rescue. At Chef’s Deal, working with such heartfelt companies makes it easier for us to deliver on our promises to you in helping you find what you need. Globe food equipment is the answer for those who are looking for a trustworthy, sincere start in their restaurant.


Provide What Your Customers Want


Whether you are running a small-scale local hamburger shop or a proper restaurant, the demand is sure to steer your wheel to Globe food equipment. What Globe offers is much more than equipment, it is a solution. Now, say you have your menu in front of you. Let’s start with fries. Well, the important thing is to have the ingredients and also a fryer. The Globe fryer has the stainless-steel construction and removable, easy-to-clean control box and element that you need. Among many models, Globe electric fryer stands out with its user-friendly thermal limit control with "Hi Limit" management and reset. It does not take up much space as it is a countertop model. Anything from delicious fries and donuts to well cooked, mouthwatering onion rings is a delight to cook.


Going further down on your menu, let’s have a look at the meat equipment. Globe slicer segment produces you with many products that are designed specifically to solve the problems you may face. The Globe meat slicer category consists of over 20 products. You can choose from the power you need from your machine and knife diameter. The Manuel Slicer for Correctional Facilities, for example, is a manual- gravity driven, 13” German steel blade machine made specifically for correctional use. The Automatic Slicer for Correctional Use, on the other hand, is an automatic-belt driven machine with an LCD screen which frees you by means of time and effort.


When it comes to slicers Globe has got your back. With the Globe deli slicer you can slice your meat, bread and cheese! With options from automatic and manual slicers, and different ranges of knife diameters you have a large variety of options. The Medium Duty Manual Slicer 12” a.k.a the Globe meat slicer g12 has hard chromed, special alloy hollow ground knife and a powerful knife motor of 1/2 HP which allows you to achieve more with a small machine. The 0 to 9/16" slice thickness option gives you the freedom of choosing the thickness which you think suits your recipe best. Now, perhaps you are not a small scaled restaurant? For your higher demands, we suggest you check out the Globe commercial meat slicer models that work efficiently and produce accurate slices of meat for your kitchen.


The last step for you to check out in slicers would be the Globe deli slicer models and Globe food slicer models. Creating art with food is possible when you have accurate lines and perfectly trimmed shapes! With all these models ready to serve you, all you must do is determine what you need and visit the Chefmate meat slicer category on our site!


Perfect Harmony


Designed to comfort you in mixing large quantities well and effortlessly, globe mixer models are just what you need. With globe mixer models you can prepare any kind of product you want to serve in your restaurant, pizzeria and even bakery! While there are many types of mixers out there, we have gathered you the models that give you what you need. The Globe planetary mixer is a type that will take the burden off your kitchen’s shoulders as it is large in scale and big in performance. They are large industrial mixing machines, designed to mix big quantities -up to 40 liters in the biggest versions. The Globe sp20 for example has a 20 qt. capacity with 3 fixed mixing speed levels. It features front mounted touch pad control panel with 60-minute digital timer giving you the freedom of taking care of other business going on in the kitchen. The Globe sp30 is a bigger model in terms of capacity. It has 30 qt. stainless steel bowl which means you can mix up to 30qt. of ingredients. With its stainless-steel wire whip & aluminum flat beater anything you put in will be mixed in perfect harmony, bringing you all the WOW’s from your customers.


It’s All About The Sizzle


Who doesn’t love the sight and the smell of a perfectly cooked meat? Regardless of it you are hosting a party for your neighbors or a limited number of people, we know the stress you go through. With commercial grills, the heat of pleasuring large number of customers cools down. At Chef’s Deal, we have gathered the best Chefmate grills there is on the market. Presenting you the Globe grill or Globe griddle!


There are many things you can achieve with a grill. Making toasts, cooking meat and vegetables and so on. The heat transaction and the metal used is what makes a grill successful. From manual to automatic and many countertop sizes, all Globe grills have 3/4" griddle plate that is fully welded to the stainless frame with 30,000 BTU per burner while the whole thing is all stainless front, sides, back, and cool to the touch front edge. If you are traffic stopper business, you might consider a grill that is durable, performs the maximum and something that will be a companion to you for years. The Globe charbroiler is exactly that! Designed for the most demanding foodservice applications, the Globe charbroiler promises you maximum performance and high strength steel radiant transfers for maximum heat.


Last but not least, the Globe panini grill. From compact to big sizes, Globe offers you a product beyond your expectations. These grills are designed for constant and robust use - the more you throw at them, the harder they work! With their efficient design and high-power output, there won’t be a moment where you worry about if the cheese inside melted or not. Deluxe models feature the options of adjustable top plate for a variety of food thickness and dual plate control that give you the freedom of organizing the toast of your dreams!





The Professional Support For Your Most Heated Times

As Chef’s Deal, we share your passion and excitement for food and satisfaction. Serving you since 1938, Globe is the companion you should take on your road to success. With just a few simple steps you can start your journey of satisfaction at Chef’s Deal.


After determining the requirements of your restaurant, you can review the various options Chef’s Deal offers for you. After making your list, all you must do is to inform us so that we can offer you a special monthly payment plan. You don’t have to postpone your dreams about becoming a professional in the industry because of the financial insecurities you have in your mind. Take a look at the Globe equipment here and contact us afterward.