Groen AHS-40 Stationary Gas Kettle

Groen AHS-40 Stationary Gas Kettle


Groen AHS-40 Stationary Gas Kettle

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Low Height Kettle, gas, 40-gallon capacity, 2/3 jacket, 316 stainless steel liner, stainless steel insulated body, 2" TDO, 1/4" perforated strainer, hinged cover, faucet bracket, bullet feet, 30 PSI, 115,000 BTU


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Groen AHS-40 Specs

Brand Groen
Model Number AHS-40
Weight 620 lbs
Width 43.25"
Depth 50.25"
Height 38"
Base tri-leg
Kettle Liner 316 stainless steel
Kettle Jacket partial jacket

Groen AHS-40 Low Height Gas Stationary Floor Kettle

General Info

Kettle shall be a Groen Model AHS (40 gallon) stainless steel, self-contained, steam jacketed kettle operating from gas heated steam source contained within the unit.

Groen AHS-40 General Features And Specifications

  • 40-gallon capacity
  • 2/3 jacket
  • 316 stainless steel liner
  • stainless steel insulated body
  • 2" TDO
  • 1/4" perforated strainer
  • hinged cover
  • faucet bracket
  • bullet feet
  • 30 PSI
  • 115,000 BTU
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