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A world manufacturer and seller of commercial refrigeration products specializing in item displays, Howard – McCray has been in the business for over 120 years. After being in the industry for this long a mature infrastructure and well-trained staff has been the number one priority of the company along with making sure their customers are well satisfied with their products and service.

Howard – McCray was established in 1887 in Kendallville, Indiana by their founder Mr. Elmer E McCray. After realizing he needs to cut down on the food spoilage, Mr. E McCray built a storage room with his father and it became the first of its kind. The industry took the invention very well and took it much further than that.  Specializing in storage cases has been their business focus over the last couple of years and after his father retired, McCray decided to take their business into their own hands and grow much bigger from there. After acquiring the management team in 2003, they have continued to build their reputation.

Their products and services range from Service Cases for hot and cold products, Red Meat cases that are specifically designed to keep your meat at the perfect temperature, Deli Cases for every other deli case you would need, Fish and Poultry cases which have special needs to be kept well, Bakery products to get your baked goods perfect , Open Merchandisers to display your merchandise with better lighting, Produce cases, Dairy cases and Multipurpose cases, Package Meats to keep your packaged meat fresher for a longer period of time, Grab - n – Go cases with an open front , Reach-Ins with doors that vary in size, Island Case that are reach-is and keeps a perfect temperature for the foods, Glass Door Merchandisers , Endless Glass Door, Hot Foods, Frozen Food Freezers. All of the products come with great warrant options and are incredibly durable.


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