Howard McCray has been one of the leading brands in the industry with more than an age-old experience. If you are to set up a commercial kitchen and display your food in the most professional way possible, Howard McCray restaurant equipment is the right choice for you. Besides, if you don’t know where to get Howard McCray products, you are at the right place! Chef’s Deal offers different Howard McCray products at affordable prices. It is now time to have a look at them and find the ones suitable for your kitchen.


Professional Refrigeration Systems Offered by Howard McCray


If you are running a food serving business, there might be some important decisions to make from time to time for the future of your business. Investing in the right elements is one of them. Thus, whether you start a food serving business or you want to improve the conditions in your commercial kitchen, it is important to invest in professional kitchen appliances. Howard McCray restaurant equipment includes a wide range of products from merchandiser freezers to deli display cases. Finding the suitable products among all these options might seem challenging. However, you can have a look at the differentiating features of the products at Chef’s Deal and make your choice easily.


To begin, installing a professional refrigerator is a big step for your commercial kitchen. Howard McCray refrigeration systems are designed to keep your food storage at the ideal temperature to minimize the food spoilage and save you both time and money. As they are made from stainless steel, all the Howard McCray refrigeration systems are very durable. Also, you can make your choice according to your needs. For instance, if you have a big bakery shop, then the capacity of the refrigerator you have matters. Or, if you have a butcher’s shop, then keeping all the meat fresh for a long time matters more. If you have a bar on the other hand, keeping the beverages cold all the time to serve your customers is the priority. Howard McCray refrigeration equipment consists of the products that satisfy your needs. From McCray coolers to merchandiser freezer, there is at least one McCray product that will make your kitchen better at Chef’s Deal.


Reveal the Beauty of Your Products with Howard McCray


Cooking the best food in town is never enough when it comes to marketing your business. It doesn’t matter whether you make the greatest ice cream or the most delicious cakes of all time if you don’t let your potential customers know about them. One of the most effective ways of marketing your products is to use a proper display case in your restaurant. Famous for its display cases, Howard McCray offers countless types for you. If you don’t know how to choose one among all the options, then let’s dive into their advanced features.


Howard McCray display case models differ according to their area of use and capacities. From floor model heated deli display cases to open refrigerated display merchandisers, commercial display product types have different shapes and capacities for any kind of food serving businesses. For instance, let’s say that you have a butcher’s shop. What you need is a red meat deli display case where you can show your products and keep them fresh at the same time. If you have a bakery shop, on the other hand, you may need a better designed display case where you can put your daily products and get your customers’ attention. Whatever you need, there is always a Howard McCray deli display case that meets them.


Besides marketing, there is one important role that display cases play in your kitchen. They help you organize food in a practical way. As display cases let you see inside, it is possible to make food arrangements in them. Let’s say that you have received fresh meat you’ll use the day after, then you can place them on the edges so that the meat you use at present is easy to access. Besides, you can label the food you put in your display case so that you can see which one is about to expire. It is a very good way of preventing food spoilage and a very effective way of food storage. These are all Howard McCray deli case models offer for commercial kitchens. You can find different types of display cases the brand has at Chef’s Deal and order one today.


Provide Your Kitchen with Professional Restaurant Equipment


If you want to up your game in the competitive food industry, then you have to make a wise investment to a commercial kitchen equipment that will save you time and money so that you have time for business development. Chef’s Deal is there for you with all the professional equipment offered by more than 200 manufacturers. It is also possible to find restaurant equipment for sale at Chef’s Deal, which is another profitable option for you.


Howard McCray is among the leading brands Chef’s Deal brings together in one place. There are many commercial products that Howard McCray offers for professional kitchens from deli display cases to coolers. Have a look at all the features of products here and make your decision accordingly. Besides, you don’t have to postpone your dreams about becoming one of the most professional kitchens because of financial reasons. Give us a call to get a special monthly payment plan for you and set your kitchen up with the professional kitchen equipment your restaurant needs.