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Meet your and your staff’s new best friend; a commercial ice and water dispenser! An ice maker and water dispenser is highly convenient for self-serve drink stations in restaurants and cafés, it can also be used in hotels and hospitals and health clubs. You’ll be able to serve clean, cold water and easily chewable ice to your customers in a blink of an eye with the help of water dispenser with ice maker. Here on Chef’s Deal, we offer the best countertop ice maker and water dispenser collection. 


Here You’ll Find The Best Water and Ice Dispenser for Your Business


Choosing the best ice maker dispenser has never been this much easy. On our website, we offer a range of Manitowoc ice maker dispensers. If the type of ice maker you are looking for is a countertop ice and water dispenser, you are in luck! A new Manitowoc ice and water dispenser is what you need.


There a few things to consider while choosing the right Manitowoc countertop ice maker water dispenser for your business. The first one is to decide the storage capacity you need in a countertop ice and water dispenser. After going over your daily demand, you can opt whether for a 10 or 20 lb bin storage capacity ice and water dispenser.


Manitowoc offers several models that have the same features with different storage capacities. For example, Manitowoc CNF0201A and Manitowoc CNF0202A look very similar and have many identical features but the first one has 10 lb bin storage capacity while the second one has 20 lb bin storage capacity. 


Both models, Manitowoc CNF0201A, CNF0202A ice, and water dispenser, have sub-models as well. For instance, they offer different types of dispensing systems; you can choose a level-activated dispensing system or touch-activated dispensing system. With a new nugget type Manitowoc ice and water dispenser you will be able to serve ice cubes that more easily chewable. They are also ideal for making blended drinks and smoothies.


We are here for you!


If you have questions on which ice maker dispenser to buy or on any other topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you in any way we can. ChefsBot is here 24/7 to answer your questions and solve any problem you may encounter while shopping the best deals for your business on Chef’s Deal.