Founded in 1957, Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment has been one of the leaders in the restaurant equipment industry. The family-owned company offers a wide range of top quality products for its customers since the beginning. You can have a look at all the products here at Chef’s Deal. 

Equip Your Kitchen with Imperial

Imperial has been serving its customers with the mission of becoming the preferred global supplier of high-quality cooking equipment. Thanks to the innovative manufacturing processes of Imperial, it has been achieving this mission. Using Imperial cooking equipment will help you enhance your business with a technological touch. The only thing you must do is to view all the products at Chef’s Deal and see their special features to match your restaurant’s needs.

 Imperial is mostly famous for its broilers and griddles. If you run a restaurant serving delicious meat and chicken, it may be time for a change. You can make the most out of your broiler and griddle. For instance, a broiler can be considered as an upside-down grill. Thus, using one is the easiest way to make everything even more crispy and delicious. Using a griddle, on the other hand, makes cooking meat and chicken a lot easier. Besides, you can even cook sausages, bacon, and egg on a griddle or an Imperial charbroiler making it more practical than a grill for you. You can have a look at all the Imperial griddle and broilers to run your daily operations better.

Besides broilers and griddles, there is more Imperial commercial equipment that includes ranges, commercial grills, fries, ovens, and more. If you have a pastry shop, you probably need a proper oven to make all those colorful and delicious products. You can have a look at Imperial commercial ovens in detail and find the one most suitable for you. If you run a pizza shop, on the other hand, serving spicy and delicious fries with your pizzas could make you famous in the area. Imperial gas, electric fryers are what you need at that point. You can make heavenly fries with special features of Imperial kitchen equipment such as filters located under the fryers to save you space and filter pans designed for maximum oil return. The only thing left is to decide the type of your fryer. Make your choice between Imperial gas fryer and Imperial electric fryer to make your customers talk about your fries everywhere. 

Secure Your Kitchen with Imperial Gas Ranges

Besides the classic kitchen equipment, Imperial also offers high-quality gas ranges that you can use with your mind at ease. Imperial range options include heavy-duty, stockpot and hot plate ranges. They differ in size and features. So, you can choose among them considering your needs beforehand. Since ranges are the workhorse of your kitchen, choosing the right one matters more than you think.

If you think of getting a new one, then you probably plan to switch from gas to electric or vice versa. Or, you want to get a new one as you are moving to a bigger place or you want a better performance. Whatever you need, Imperial is there to give it to you. You just have to know what to invest in. Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a gas range: 

  • Gas ranges might seem like a cheaper option. However, you should know that electric gas ranges work anywhere you want while gas ranges might not be compatible with some kitchens.
  • Size is the first thing you should consider before getting a gas range. Be sure to have measured the space you leave for the range in your kitchen and make your choice accordingly.
  • If you’re new to the restaurant industry, freestanding ranges might be practical for you. You can prefer the ones that have an oven control panel on the range front to manage everything better.
  • Capacity is another thing to consider before getting a range for your kitchen. The daily needs of your restaurant should help you decide on the range capacity.

Imperial restaurant equipment offers different types of ranges that are practical and secure. Get what you need to turn your kitchen into a professional one with the help of Chef’s Deal. 

Imperial Meets Chef’s Deal 

Chef’s Deal is the place where professional brands meet professional business owners. As one of these owners, you can equip your kitchen and help enhance your business with Imperial cooking equipment. From Imperial commercial grill to Imperial fryer, everything you need for your kitchen is here waiting for you. Get an Imperial refrigerator for your restaurant or an Imperial oven for your pastry shop. Whatever you need, Chef’s Deal offers with special prices. Besides, you can get a financial consulting to pay monthly without getting over your budget. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and take a step forward to the professional restaurant world today.