Insinger 50 VP-2 Potato Peeler

Insinger 50 VP-2 Potato Peeler

INS-50 VP-2

Insinger 50 VP-2 Potato Peeler

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Peeler, Vegetable, floor mounted model, cabinet base with peel trap, approximately 50 lb. potato capacity, stainless steel exterior


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Insinger 50 VP-2 Specs

Brand Insinger
Model Number 50 VP-2
Weight 262 lbs
Width 32.5"
Depth 26.5"
Height 50.75"
Potato capacity of hopper 55 - 70 lb
Peeler Type floor model

Insinger 50 VP-2 Potato Peeler

Insinger 50 VP-2 Standard Features

  • Fast accurate peeling
  • 50VP-2 peels 50 lbs. of potatoes in 1 minute
  • Less than 12% weight loss
  • Abrasive is bonded to disk, hopper and door
  • Unique wave pattern stainless steel disc
  • Stainless steel hopper, cabinet, feet, peel trap, screen, disc and discharge door
  • Stainless steel sides, disc and discharge door coated with Insinger’s exclusive bonded silicone carbide

Insinger 50 VP-2 Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION- The hopper, cabinet, feet, peel trap, screen, disc, discharge door and chute are all fabricated from type 304 #18-8 stainless steel. The drain and fill line are made of copper and the hopper cover is made of aluminum.
  • ABRASIVE DISC- The special Insinger abrasive disc has a unique wave pattern in the stainless steel and a permanently bonded silicone carbide abrasive for long life. The light-weight stainless disc with its stainless hub attachment to alloy shaft prevents corrosion and allows easy removal for thorough cleaning.
  • DISCHARGE- The stainless steel discharge door and hinge pin incorporates an easy lock-and-release lever. The stainless steel chute is removable for easy cleaning
  • DRIVE- Standard frame motor (30VP-2: 3/4 hp. 50VP-2: 1 hp), with “V” belt drive provides direct speed reduction between motor and peeling disc. The “V” belt motor drive design has a shock absorber effect to prevent damage in event of a jam or overload. All bearings are sealed and permanently lubricated.
  • HOPPER- Stainless steel hopper with silicone carbide abrasive permanently bonded to sides and discharge door. Insinger’s unique bonding technique provides quick positive peeling and long service from the abrasive.
  • FEET- Adjustable stainless steel feet designed to be bolted to almost any type of floor surface.
  • SWITCH- Toggle type or push-button station, located on the right side of the discharge chute as standard.
  • Capacity Per Hour: 50 lbs. in 1 minute
  • Shipping Weight : 262 lbs
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