Insinger CADET High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher, 30 Racks/hr

Insinger CADET 23" Undercounter Dishwasher, approx 30 Racks/Hour-26 Gal/Hour-High Temp Electric Tank Heat with Booster- Stainless Steel


Insinger CADET 23" Undercounter Dishwasher, approx 30 Racks/Hour-26 Gal/Hour-High Temp Electric Tank Heat with Booster- Stainless Steel


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Insinger CADET Specs

Brand Insinger
Model Number CADET
Weight 165 lbs
Width 23.63"
Depth 24"
Height 33.5"
Temperature high temp with booster
Rack capacity approximately (30) racks/hour
Rack Size 20" x 20"
Construction stainless steel
Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR®
Tank Heat electric
Cabinet base fully enclosed
Door Clearance 13"
Water Consumption(Approx) 26 Gallons Per Hour
Number Of Wash Cycle 3
Voltage 208
Phase 1, 3

Insinger CADET 23"W Undercounter Dishwasher, High Temp with Booster, 30 Racks/Hr

Insinger CADET undercounter dishwasher is a compact yet powerful dish machine that offers exceptional cleaning performance in a space-saving design. It is only 33.5-in (85.09 cm) high to easily fit under any kitchen counter, where it occupies a minimal footprint with around 23.63-in (60.02 cm) width and 24-in (60.96 cm) depth dimensions. Despite its compact design, it promises high-temperature washing prowess with a built-in atmospheric booster. This Insinger dishwasher also boasts durable construction, user-friendly features, improved capacity, energy-efficient operation, installation ease, and minimum noise levels. It is a perfect choice for facilities looking to optimize their dishwashing process.

What Type Of Dishwasher is Insinger CADET?

Insinger CADET is a rack-type undercounter dishwasher accommodating standard 20 by 20-in (50.8 x 50.8-cm) dish racks. The unit comes standard with 1 plate rack, 1 cup rack, 1 glass Rack, and 2 cutlery cups to provide versatility. It ensures high-temp sanitizing at 180°F (82.22°C), onboard booster heater increasing the minimum inlet water temperature of 110°F (43.33°C) by 70°F (21.11°C). The 6kW booster heater supports the 2kW wash tank for a more sanitary final rinse.

How Durable is Insinger CADET?

Insinger CADET’s fully stainless steel construction promises reliability and longevity. The door, front, side, and top panels are made of thick stainless steel AISI304 (T304). Both the upper and lower wash/rinse arms are constructed from T304 stainless steel, and they are interchangeable. The tank is also stainless steel, designed with stamped rounded corners for effortless cleaning.

Is Insinger CADET User-Friendly?

Insinger CADET has an easy-to-use control panel with clearly labeled buttons and settings for straightforward operation.

  • The waterproof membrane controls on the machine's electronic board feature a temperature display, LED indicator lights, and self-diagnostic capabilities for ease of maintenance.
  • Pre-programmed wash cycles or settings simplify the process. It has 3 specific cycle buttons for normal, extended, and gentle wash, initiating the detergent and rinse aid priming.
  • The rotating, interchangeable upper and lower arms help distribute the detergent and rinse aids evenly.
  • The 7 wash arms are equipped with 42 stationary wash jets. 6 upper rinse nozzles and 8 lower rotating rinse jets enhance the machine's performance.
  • Insinger Cadet commercial dishwasher has a door clearance 13.19 in (33.50 cm) to facilitate loading and unloading utensils.
  • The automatic single-step pumped drain and timed delime cycle also streamline maintenance.

Does Insinger CADET Offer a High Capacity?

Insinger CADET undercounter dishwasher's 1 HP motor works reliably to handle around 30 racks or 750 dishes per hour, nearly 68 meals. Cycle times vary by the selected wash cycle type: 120 seconds at standard, 240 seconds at extended, and 130 seconds at gentle wash cycles. The machine consumes only 0.8 gals (3 L) of water per rack from its 6.08-gal (23 L) tank.

Is Insinger CADET Energy-Efficient?

Insinger CADET dishwasher's energy efficiency is notable, with varying current draw amperage options in different electrical setups. In the 208V/1 PH/60 HZ configuration, it operates with a 33-amp current draw, while in the 208V/3 PH/60 HZ setup, it reduces the amperage to a more energy-efficient 20 amps. Also, the machine proudly carries the EnergyStar 3.0 certification, underscoring its commitment to eco-friendly and energy-saving operations.

Is Insinger CADET Easy to Install?

Installation ease is a standout feature of this Insinger dish machine. It offers a 1-phase electrical connection, field-convertible to 3-phase, using the included copper jumper connectors. It also eliminates the pressure regulating valve and exhaust hood requirements, making it more adaptable and hassle-free to set up in various kitchen configurations.

How Much Noise Does Insinger CADET Generate?

Insinger CADET operates exceptionally quietly. Its sound-suppression lined panels ensure minimal noise disruption, rated at less than 65 dB.

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