Insinger SPEEDER 64 83

Insinger SPEEDER 64 83" Conveyor Type Dishwasher


Insinger SPEEDER 64 83" Conveyor Type Dishwasher

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Speeder Dishwasher, conveyor type, high temperature, no booster, two-tank design (wash/rinse), CrossFire® wash system, approximately 277 racks/hour capacity, stainless steel frame, legs & feet, electric immersion or steam injector tank heat


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Insinger SPEEDER 64 Specs

Brand Insinger
Model Number SPEEDER 64
Weight 900 lbs
Width 83.5"
Depth 31.25"
Height 67.5"
Temperature high temp without booster
Rack capacity approximately (270) racks/hour
Construction stainless steel
Tank design (2) tank without pre-wash
Tank Heat electric

Insinger SPEEDER 64 83" Conveyor Type Dishwasher

Insinger SPEEDER 64 Standard Features

  • Automatic conveyor, rack type, single tank dishwasher with recirculating pre-wash and wash and fresh water final rinse.
  • 0.52 gallons/rack final rinse consumption
  • Capacity is 277- 20" x 20" racks per hour or 6,925 dishes per hour
  • CrossFire® Wash System provides superior cleaning
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  • Error proof replacement with color-coded curtains
  • Patented CrossFire® Wash System
  • Tank heat: 22.5 kW electric immersion heaters or steam injectors
  • Capillary thermometers for wash and rinse
  • In-line thermometer for final rinse
  • Vacuum breaker on all incoming water lines
  • Manifold clean-out brush
  • SureFire® Start-Up & Check-Out Service
  • Inspection door
  • Ventilation fan connection provision
  • S/S frame, legs and feet
  • S/S front enclosure panel
  • Automatic tank fill
  • Low water protection
  • Detergent connection provision
  • Elevated top mounted NEMA 12 control panel
  • Easily-cleaned crowned hood top
  • Simplified scrap screen design
  • Door safety switch
  • Wide insulated swing-out doors
  • Standard frame drip proof motors
  • Energy saver
  • Override switch for de-liming
  • End caps/pipe plugs secured to prevent loss
  • Color-coded curtains
  • Timing belt conveyor drive

Insinger SPEEDER 64 Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION- Hood and tank constructed of 16 gauge type 304 S/S. Hood unit of all welded seamless construction. S/S frame, legs and feet. All internal castings are non-corrosive lead free nickel alloy, bronze or S/S.
  • DOORS- Extra wide die formed 18-8 type 304 s/s front inspection doors hinged with S/S pins. A triple ply leading edge on the door channels made of S/S with no plastic or nylon sleeves or liners used. Door stop built into frame.
  • CONVEYORS- One S/S roller chain conveyor, with rack driving lugs every sixth link, running along the front of the machine. Fifteen free spinning rollers placed along the back wall of the machine. Conveyor accommodates all standard 20" racks. Conveyor drive system includes direct drive gear motor with frictionless, trouble-free clutch system, spring-loaded and automatically re-engaging. Racks conveyed automatically through washing and rinsing systems, powered by an independent 1/15 hp drive motor
  • PUMP- Centrifugal type “packless” pump with a brass petcock drains. Construction includes ceramic seal and a balanced cast impeller on a precision ground stainless steel shaft, extension or sleeve. All working parts mounted as an assembly and removable as a unit without disturbing pump housing. 1 hp motor for each wash and rinse pump: standard horizontal C-face frame, drip proof, internally cooled with ball-bearing construction.
  • CONTROLS- Top mounted NEMA 12 control enclosure, with 3.5 inch air gap between hood and enclosure, housing motor overload protection, contactors, transformers and all other dishwasher controls. All controls safe low voltage 24 VAC.
  • ENERGY SAVER- Rack actuated lever automatically operates the final rinse solenoid only when a rack passes, saving water and energy. The lever also activates an adjustable timer control. If no ware passes during the set time, the machine shuts down.
  • SPRAY SYSTEM- Spray arms made of type 304 stainless steel pipe. Spray assemblies removable without the use of tools.
  • PRE-WASH- One manifold above and one manifold below, each with 3 high pressure cleaning nozzles
  • WASH- Upper and lower manifolds with the patented CrossFire® Wash System. One manifold above with 3 power wash arms, each with 9 high pressure cleaning slots and one manifold below with 3 power wash arms, each with 9 high pressure cleaning slots. The slots are precision milled for water control producing a fan spray. Wash arms are fillet welded to the S/S manifold. The CrossFire® Wash System provides 4 horizontally spraying high pressure nozzles.
  • RINSE- Upper and lower manifolds. One manifold above with 3 power rinse arms, each with 9 high pressure rinsing slots and one manifold below with 3 power rinse arms, each with 9 high pressure rinsing slots. The slots are precision milled for water control producing a fan spray. Rinse arms are fillet welded to the S/S manifold.
  • FINAL RINSE- Six nozzles above and three nozzles below threaded into S/S schedule 40 pipes. Nozzle assemblies produce a fan spray reducing water consumption, maximizing heat retention
  • DRAIN- Drain valve externally controlled. Overflow assembly with skimmer cap is removable without the use of tools for drain line inspection. Heater is protected by low water level control.
  • Shipping Weight : 800 lbs
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