Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial supplies are cleaning and sanitation products used to clean or wipe surfaces, floors, hands, machinery, equipment, and tools to terminate bacteria and germs while removing dust and other contaminants. Janitorial supplies refer to a large group of items and tools as such: Read More

Sanitation & Maintenance

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Sanitation and maintenance supplies ensure cleanliness, functionality, safety, and longevity for commercial kitchen spaces and appliances.

Safety & Security Products

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Safety & security products like gloves, step stools & ladders, eyewash stations, or food hygiene accessories improve employee and food safety.

Trash Cans & Recycling Bins

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Proper waste management with the right combination of trash cans & recycling bins contributes to cleanliness, sustainability, and code compliance.

Restaurant Disposables

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Restaurant disposables help save natural resources, time, and money. They provide convenience for customers and staff, improving service and cleanup.

Cleaning Chemicals

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You can remove stains, grease, bacteria, or other contaminants on food contact surfaces, kitchenware, and cooking equipment with cleaning chemicals.

Floor Cleaning Supplies

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To keep flooring surfaces safe and clean, floor cleaning supplies help remove dirt, dust, grime, germs, stains, oils, and other spills and contaminants.

Professional Cleaning Tools & Supplies

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Professional cleaning tools and supplies are designed to efficiently remove stubborn dirt, dust, stains, and other contaminants from all surfaces.

Restroom Supplies

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You can prevent the spread of germs and create a more welcoming environment for your guests with commercial restroom supplies.

Commercial Laundry Machines

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Upgrade your laundry and experience the convenience and efficiency of high-capacity laundry supplies that can handle even the toughest laundry loads.

Commercial Hand Soap & Sanitizer

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Commercial hand soap dispensers, sanitizers, and stands are proactive measures to keep health & safety standards high and minimize the risk of foodborne diseases.

Commercial Floor Mats

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Entrance, logo, anti-fatigue, carpet, or other commercial floor mats help improve your business facility's cleanliness, safety, and visibility.


Commercial Insect Traps

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Restaurant fly traps and bug zappers are an efficient way of terminating bugs, flies, and insects in large facilities.


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What are Janitorial Supplies? 

Janitorial supplies are cleaning and sanitation products used to clean or wipe surfaces, floors, hands, machinery, equipment, and tools to terminate bacteria and germs while removing dust and other contaminants. Janitorial supplies refer to a large group of items and tools as such:

  • Sanitation & Maintenance: Air Doors, Air Cleaner Filters, Sealants
  • Safety & Security Products: Gloves, Stools and Ladders, Eyewash Stations
  • Trash Cans & Recycling Bins: Trash Cans, Cigarette Receptacles, Trash Can Dollies
  • Restaurant Disposables: Thermometers, Basket Liners, Lids
  • Cleaning Chemicals: Bleach, Disinfectants, Cleaning Kits, Service Chemicals
  • Floor Cleaning SuppliesMops, Buckets, Brooms, Scrubbers, Sweepers
  • Professional Cleaning Tools & Supplies: Brushes, Surface Cleaners
  • Restroom Supplies: Fixtures, Baby Changing Stations, Napkin Dispensers
  • Commercial Laundry Machines
  • Commercial Hand Soap & Sanitizer
  • Commercial Floor Mats
  • Commercial Insect Traps

What Types of Janitorial Supplies Require Commercial Kitchens?

Commercial kitchens require the following commercial cleaning supplies in their inventory:

Janitorial Disposables

These restaurant janitorial supplies include disposable towels, gloves, wipes, and dispensers service, and take-away packages. Thus, they help you decrease your cleaning tasks by enabling you to utilize single-use items.  

Cleaning Chemicals

Chemicals are crucial for any restaurant, café, and bar to kill harmful bacteria or microbes for human health and food safety. Thus, we carry a diverse array of commercial cleaning chemicals such as ice machine cleaners, descalers for dishwashers, fryer cleaners, and cleaning powders for espresso machines.

Floor Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance Tools

A clean and shiny floor is a significant factor in creating a positive first impression on your customers. Commercial mops, mop wringers, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubber machines, and carpet dryers are among the most significant floor cleaning and maintenance tools that will facilitate the process with less effort and more efficiency.

Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

These commercial janitorial supplies provide sturdy and easy-to-access garbage collecting equipment so your staff or customers can easily throw their trash. And you can safely move even the heavy trash out.

Commercial Laundry

With commercial laundry washers and dryers, tablecloths, napkins, towels, and aprons can be easily and quickly prepared for upcoming customers.

Janitorial Carts & Transport Equipment

Janitorial carts allow you to organize the cleaning chemicals, detergents, mops, and wipes and help you easily transport them anywhere in your establishment since they feature caster wheels.

Restroom Supplies

Restroom supplies include all the necessary tools, accessories, and disposables to keep the restrooms clean and functional. So, you can find baby changing stations, napkin dispensers, hand dryers, and grab bars.

Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Janitorial supplies are also necessary for the personal cleaning your staff and customers. Hand soap and sanitizers are the basic and practical way of providing hand soap for your customers next to the lavatory or the sinks.

Commercial Floor Mats

These janitorial supplies are not only used to prevent slipping on wet or smooth floors. Still, they are also effective in reducing fatigue when you choose the anti-fatigue floor mats, which are ideal for employees who have to stand up for a long time.

Sanitation & Maintenance

We also carry a large collection of frequently needed sanitation and maintenance tools such as bulbs to renew your broken lamps, safety tapes, batteries, curtains, and strip doors, in addition to the air curtains and doors used to keep the interior heat or chill inside.

FAQs on Restaurant Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies

What are The Types Of Cleaning Agents Used in Commercial Kitchens?

Detergents, degreasers, abrasives, and acids are the most common chemicals used in commercial kitchens. Detergents are effective in removing oil stains and killing mosses, while degreasers are necessary to clean the oven, stove, grill, or fryer surfaces covered with grease. Additionally, you can use abrasives to clean pots, pans, and floors when they are stained with dirt, oil, or grease. Lastly, acids are the correct option to descale mineral deposits in dishwashers and ice machines in addition to the stains on the metal flatware.

What do Restaurants Use To Clean And Sanitize Their Counters and Equipment?

Restaurants use detergents and wipes to clean and sanitize restaurant food contact surfaces and counters. Starting with the mild-detergent wipes to clean the food debris, the procedure continues with applying detergents on these surfaces.

Restaurant Janitorial Supplies: Sanitized Operation and Service

Health safety is the number one priority of every commercial establishment to prevent cross-contamination, food waste, and food poisoning. However, all public and residential spaces have different environments, stains, and dust to clean. Therefore, culinary services should have the needed janitorial supplies for their establishments. Chef's Deal carries a large collection of janitorial supplies for your business to protect your guests and staff's health and safety.