Air Diffusers

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Maintain Air Quality With Air Diffusers

Air diffusers are sanitation and maintenance supplies that disperse and ventilate conditioned air evenly in multiple directions. They are often available in a 3-tier design and round, rectangular, square, or linear shapes. When buying air diffusers, check the number of layers and slots. 3-tier air diffuser with 4-way air distribution emits air in all directions. Two-way air distribution is better for cornered spaces.

Air diffusers can be installed in dining areas to enhance guest comfort or near exhaust hoods to introduce fresh air and circulate it across the kitchen. HVAC diffusers are integrated into the HVAC system’s supply vents to improve ventilation, and ceiling diffusers are placed strategically to minimize hotspots or stagnant areas. Consult Chef’s Deal experts to determine the most suitable locations in your kitchen. You may also wish to see other sanitation and maintenance products.