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Metro Shelving

Metro Shelving

Metro Shelving is a worldwide company specializing in commercial shelf systems manufacturing. The company was launched in 1929 to present the correct organization equipment to enable businesses to fully utilize their available space. read more

Metro Shelving: Efficient and Smart Storage Solutions

Metro Shelving is a worldwide company specializing in commercial shelf systems manufacturing. The company was launched in 1929 to present the correct organization equipment to enable businesses to fully utilize their available space.

Metro Shelving, established by a wire mechanic, Louis Maslow, introduced the wire shelving and super Erecta shelving units for the storage needs of the foodservice industry, and continued its innovative approach to the industry needs and has obtained more than 200 patents.

Now, Metro Shelving offers more than 10 thousand different products and distribution centers in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, California, and Canada to address the storage needs of the foodservice industry in addition to the commercial establishment and healthcare industry. Having built a reputation with the Metro wire shelving products, the company has expanded its product line to many other organizational and operational units, including carts, carriers, work tables, heaters, and refrigerators.

Features of Metro Shelving Products

Metro Shelving aims to provide its customers with high-quality, durable, functional, and practical shelving products, which also set the standards for the industry in general. Thus, the company presents products with the following features:

  • Metro shelves are manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure sturdiness and corrosion resistance to make them suitable for long-lasting use.
  • These shelving units are available in different styles and designs. You can find plastic, wired, or solid steel Metro Shelving in addition to the wall mount types, floor-standing models as well as straight and slanted options.
  • You can also find suitable Metro shelving units for different purposes, ranging from storing your stocks, merchandising them, creating an easy-to-access storage space for your personnel, or securing your supplies or products in locking systems.
  • Metro commercial shelving products feature Microban® technology in their coating to prevent the growth of fungi, mold, or other microorganisms. This Metro antimicrobial shelving technology minimizes bacteria growth and requires less maintenance; thus, they are appropriate for use in wet environments.
  • Metro shelving products are available with an epoxy coating or metal finish, each of which is suitable for different conditions. Metro epoxy-coated shelving or plastic-coated shelves are ideal in wet conditions (like the interiors of walk-in coolers) as they are resistant to corrosion. Metro metal shelves offer more suitability for hot and dry conditions as the metal will be more durable in hot conditions while epoxy or plastic may be affected.
  • Metro shelving accessories will bring functionality as well for your needs. You can enlarge your available storage space by adding extra shelves to your already existing Metro shelving.

Product Range of Metro Shelving

Metro Shelving has an extensive collection of commercial shelving and storage equipment which will bring high standards and top-quality of Metro to your establishment.

1. Metro Racks

Metro Shelving presents an extensive collection of racks with different features that are designed for various needs and purposes in your establishment. Metro racks can be used to create storage space in your walk-in cooler or dry storage to keep your valuable ingredients and stocks safe and organized. Or, you can have a mobile rack with caster wheels to place pans and trays during food prep and move them to the freezer, cooler or ovens by using minimum labor and effort.

Metro Shelving also offers dunnage racks which are used to store bulk ingredients and other products up from the floor to keep them away from wet conditions and allow air ventilation even under the products to prevent bacteria and mold growth. You can find the following models of Metro racks  which are available for different purposes:

  • Tray Racks
  • Utility Racks
  • Storage Racks
  • Drying Racks
  • Pot and Pan Racks

2. Metro Wire Shelving

Metro wire shelving is particularly designed to safely and securely store food products in commercial spaces. Metro wire racks allow airflow through the shelves and products, which will keep the products fresh for more extended periods while hindering bacteria growth from ensuring safety. Metro shelves feature easy installation kits, and this enables the user to quickly set up the shelf and adjust the shelf height in compliance with establishment needs.

3. Metro Refrigerated Cabinets

Some food products need to be transferred to refrigerated cabinets to keep their best condition for maximum customer satisfaction. Metro refrigerated cabinets are designed to move your pre-made meals in a secure, cooled cabinet. These Metro Shelving units feature caster wheels, shock resistance, and heat insulation for the best performance.

4. Metro Work Tables

Metro work tables are designed to ensure a streamlined workflow in your kitchen by providing you with a large and sturdy workspace to handle food preparation duties. They are also available with shelf options, providing extra space to keep your ingredients.

5. Metro Carts and Carriers

Metro Shelving aims to improve and streamline foodservice operations by presenting carts and carriers to provide the mobility and convenience you need. These units are suitable for moving the ingredients, bulk food products, dishes, or food pans in your establishment or during banquets. You can find:

  • Dish Carts
  • Utility Carts
  • Merchandising Carts
  • Banquet Carts
  • Restocking Carts
  • Food Pan Carriers
  • Transport Truck and Bulk Movers

6. Metro Cabinets

Metro Shelving also presents heated cabinets that facilitate food transfer for your business. Cooked or pre-made dishes, desserts, meals, and other food products require insulated or heated carrying cabinets to maintain warmth, taste, and texture. So, Metro Shelving offers:

  • Banquet and Holding Cabinets
  • Heated Cabinets
  • Proofing Cabinets

7. Metro Shelving Parts and Accessories

Metro Shelving ensures its products' long-lasting use, adjustability, extendability, and versatility with the correct and suitable Metro shelving parts and accessories.


Chef’s Deal carries the high-quality and versatile products of Metro Shelving from wire shelving, racks, heated-refrigerated cabinets, carts, prep tables, and workstations. These Metro Shelving products are designed for the maximum benefit of foodservice establishments, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to ensure your establishment fully utilizes its available space and has sufficient mobility for various events and services.

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