Nemco 55050AN-CT Fruit / Vegetable Turning Slicer

Nemco 55050AN-CT Fruit / Vegetable Turning Slicer


Nemco 55050AN-CT Fruit / Vegetable Turning Slicer


Spiral Fry™ Chip Twister Fry Kutter (straight), manual, mounts securely on any flat surface for left or right handed operation, preset drive depth protects contact of potato holder with cutting blade, easy-action screw drive automatically releases at end of stroke to retract for fast reloading, cast aluminum & stainless steel, NSF, Made in USA

Nemco 55050AN-CT Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 55050AN-CT
Weight 5 lbs
Width 5.5"
Depth 22"
Height 9"
Construction aluminum & stainless steel
Type manual

The Nemco 55050AN-CT Chip Twister Fry PotatoKutter

Why use Nemco 55050AN-CT Chip Twister Fry?

Turn an incredible profit with Nemco’s versatile Spiral Fry PotatoKutter, capable of quickly and efficiently turning any wholesome, inexpensive fresh spud into one of four different specialty fried potato menu items.

Fresh Costs You Less

Put more money to your bottom line with fresh-cut versus frozen:

  • Fresh potatoes don’t need refrigeration—saving energy and freezer space.
  • You save cooking energy because fresh fries faster than frozen and requires far less recovery
  • Spiral Fry uses the entire potato—vitamin-rich skin and all.
  • Best of all, every Spiral Fry item looks like a “double order” for high-value presentation.

Built to Last

With the popularity of these specialty fried potato menu items, your Spiral Fry will undoubtedly be among the busiest food prep machines in your kitchen. So, Nemco engineered it for super durability and ease of use.

  • Made of commercial-grade cast aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Mounts conveniently on any flat surface for right- or left-handed use.
  • Screw drive does all the work.
  • Comes free from the mount for cleaning by simply loosening a knob.
  • Washes up in a snap to meet tough sanitation codes.

The Nemco 55050AN-CT Suggested Uses

Hot, crispy spiral, ribbon, wavy or chip twister fries make a savory, healthful, high-value presentation that customers love. Spiral Fry affords you the highest profit on every serving, and pays for itself in no time. It's perfect for creating signature-item appetizers, and is a great choice for the bar and lounge too. Plus, blade assemblies are available to quickly and easily cut attractive veggie garnishes.

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