Nemco 55300A Cheese Cutter

Nemco 55300A Cheese Cutter,Stainless Steel Cutting Wires


Nemco 55300A Cheese Cutter,Stainless Steel Cutting Wires

SKU NEM-55300A

Easy Cheeser™, cuts cheese into cubes, sticks, and blocks, 3/4" slicing arm, cutting area accommodates 1/3 of a 5 lb. cheese loaf, stainless steel cutting wires, steel construction

Nemco 55300A Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 55300A
Weight 5 lbs
Width 6.75"
Depth 12.5"
Height 4.5"
Length 6"
Material wire
Style table top
Handle stainless steel
Cuts cubes

The Nemco 55300A Easy Cheeser - 3⁄4" Slicing Arm

Why use Nemco 55300A ?

Nemco brings you two fast and conveniently simple countertop tools that take all the work out of breaking your cheeses down into smaller portions.

Nemco 55300A Standart Features

  • Easy-to-use slicing arm slides right through cheese of any thickness or density.
  • All steel construction provides lasting performance.
  • Stainless steel cutting wires are easy to replace.
  • Cutting area accommodates 1⁄3 of a 5-lb cheese loaf.

Nemco 55300A Suggested Uses

The Easy Cheese Blocker combines with the Easy Cheeser to quickly turn bulk cheeses into portioned amounts for salad bars, deli trays, party packs, in-store sampling, hors d’oeuvres and specialty trays.

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