Nemco 55600-1 Tomato Slicer

Nemco 55600-1 Manual Tomato SlicerRazor Sharp Stainless Blades & Vertical Handle


Nemco 55600-1 Manual Tomato SlicerRazor Sharp Stainless Blades & Vertical Handle

SKU NEM-55600-1

Easy Tomato Slicer™, manual, 7-1/4"W x 15-1/4"D x 8-1/4"H closed dimensions, 3/16" slice, stainless steel blades, self-lubricating track, vertical handle, protective guards, polyethylene slide board, cast aluminum & steel construction, rubber feet, NSF

Nemco 55600-1 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 55600-1
Weight 9 lbs
Width 7.25"
Depth 15.25"
Height 8.25"
Power manual
Blade Type straight blade
Slice thickness .188" = 3/16"

The Nemco 55600-1 Easy Tomato Slicer - 3/16" Slice Thickness - Up to 3 1⁄4" Slice Diameter

Why use Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer ?

Save time, labor and valuable work space with the Easy Tomato Slicer. A full-size machine, its highly efficient design takes 60 percent less counter space than other, bulkier units. Razor-sharp blades cut with trouble-free precision, thanks to a unique self lubricating track material that resists misalignment problems that cause nicks and broken blades. Vertical handle and protective guards improve user comfort and safety. Cleans up quickly and easily. Scalloped blade option available on all models.

Perfectly Efficient

Everything about the Easy Tomato Slicer is designed to maximize your food-prep margin. It works fast, demands very little space and gets the most out of every tomato.

  • Saves labor—Place a tomato in front of the pusher, and slide it through the blade assembly for multiple uniform slices—all in less than three seconds.
  • Saves food cost—Get the same slice thickness throughout, using the entire tomato, for consistent presentation and portion control.
  • Saves space—We’re talkin’ a footprint as small as a shoebox on your counter.

Simply Easy to Use

Compact, portable and operator-friendly, the Easy Tomato Slicer is a model of productivity in anyone’s hands.

  • It’s nicely weighted, with a low, sturdy center of gravity, yet it’s not cumbersome to move. It quickly sets up and goes to work virtually anywhere on the counter and stores away again—no sweat.
  • The ergonomic handle and smooth-glide track eliminate operator fatigue.
  • Protective guards optimize safety.

Stubbornly Built to Last

Equal parts strength and finesse make it the perfect design for maximum ROI.

  • Cast-aluminum and stainless-steel construction stands up to the brutality of a commercial kitchen and cleans up with ease.
  • The blades are razor-sharp 301 stainless steel for lasting performance.
  • A self-lubricating track material alleviates misalignment problems that can nick or break the blades.
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