Nemco 55650-3 Cutter Fruit / Vegetable Slicer

Nemco 55650-3 Cutter Fruit / Vegetable Slicer


Nemco 55650-3 Cutter Fruit / Vegetable Slicer

SKU NEM-55650-3

Easy LettuceKutter™, 1/2" x 1/2" square, scalloped blades, interlocked blades avoid flexing, replaceable blades, angled, cast aluminum legs with no-slip feet, manual locking pin keeps pusher block safely in place, NSF

Nemco 55650-3 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 55650-3
Weight 30 lbs
Width 13"
Depth 18"
Height 20"
Style square cut
Type lettuce cutter
Slice/Cut Size 1/2"

The Nemco 55650-3 Easy LettuceKutter

Why use Nemco Easy LettuceKutter ?

Cut mounds of crisp, fresh lettuce in seconds. Process a whole head of cored lettuce at a time. Scalloped blades and clean slicing action cut one-inch squares with no crushing and no bruising. Interlocked blades avoid flexing. Replaceable blades for long life; no tensioning required. Cleanup is easy. Just pull one pin to remove pusher block. Clip-on blade assembly lifts out easily. Angled, cast aluminum legs with no-slip feet provide stable cutting platform. Manual locking pin keeps pusher block safely in place until operator releases for cutting. Slicing blade assembly also available, 55650-CS can be used to slice cooked chicken for wrap sandwiches and salads.

Lettuce See What Else It Can Do

With its super-sharp blades and handle design that transfers more power to the pusher block, the Easy LettuceKutter got Nemco customers thinking. Nemco followed up with a number of modular blade assemblies to simplify all kinds of cutting chores. Now, with one tool, you can cut: 1" or 3 ⁄4" squares for salad bars 1 ⁄2" squares for chopped salads 1 ⁄2" slices for melons 3 ⁄4" slices for cooked chicken 1" x 2" pieces for romaine —and the ideas keep coming

The Beauty Is in the Blades

Nemco engineers designed a system that was highly effective, but easy on both the blades and the food.

  • Interlocked blades nested in the frame don’t suffer from flexing.
  • Pretensioned blade assemblies are easy to change out, with little or no blade tensioning required.
  • Scalloped blade edges have been added to some assemblies for cleaner cuts and no crushing or bruising—lettuce stays fresh longer with no rusting or browning.

Easy to Use - Easy to Clean

Get long-lasting performance for maximum ROI

  • Angled, cast aluminum legs with no-slip feet provide a stable cutting platform, for fast and easy precision cutting with minimal wear on the unit.
  • This is the only lettuce cutter on the market that allows the blade and pusher head to come apart for cleaning without tools. Just pull one pin to remove the pusher block, then lift the blade assembly out with ease.
  • All stainless steel and aluminum-cast construction

Suggested Uses

Ideal for chopping iceberg and other lettuces, as well as slicing melon for fruit trays. Also slices lettuce for tacos, subs and other sandwiches, and cooked chicken for wraps and salads.

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