Nemco 55700 Cutter Fruit / Vegetable Slicer

Nemco 55700 Easy Flowering Onion Cutter,All-Metal Construction


Nemco 55700 Easy Flowering Onion Cutter,All-Metal Construction

SKU NEM-55700

Easy Flowering Onion™ Cutter, sturdy, all- metal construction, NSF

Nemco 55700 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 55700
Weight 27 lbs
Width 13.5"
Depth 11.25"
Height 17"
Style flower
Type onion cutter

The Nemco 55700 Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

Why use Nemco Easy Flowering Onion Cutter ?

For the authentic cut that lets you serve profitable, great-tasting appetizers—for a return of 700 percent or more! The Easy Flowering Onion Cutter produces these high profit specialties fast and oh, so easy. Just one stroke turns a colossal onion into a colossal, flowering favorite. Then batter, bread and deep fry. Adapter base lets you use smaller onions as well. Sturdy, all-metal construction for long life.

Super-Fast ROI

When you can make ’em as fast as they eat ’em, just imagine. This machine pays for itself after only one 50 lb. bag of colossal onions!

  • Load a peeled onion and pull the lever. It’s that simple and fast. All the labor comes out of the process, but not the presentation—or the price.
  • The ergonomic handle and lever action take all the strain off the user, further maximizing productivity.
  • Easily disassembles for cleaning too!

Relentless Performance

For a menu item this popular, you can’t afford a breakdown.

  • All cast-aluminum and stainless-steel construction for durability.
  • High-strength bearings stand up to nonstop, heavy-duty activity.
  • Wide base and suction-cup feet provide reliable balance and stability—yet, it remains extremely
  • Compact design makes it easy to fit on the countertop or store away.

Suggested Uses

Create the perfect signature-item appetizer using colossal or regular-sized onions. Or dip the ends of a flowered raw onion in food coloring to produce a magnificent onion garnish.

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