Nemco 56050-1 Table Mount Can Opener

Nemco 56050-1 Table Mount Can Opener


Nemco 56050-1 Table Mount Can Opener

SKU NEM-56050-1

CanPRO® Can Opener, compact, permanent, cuts from the side, along the lid's outer seam, gearless drive, holds up to #10 cans, stainless steel & aluminum nickel-plated construction, NSF

Nemco 56050-1 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 56050-1
Weight 4 lbs
Height 9.5"

The Nemco 56050-1 CanPRO Compact Can Opener - Permanent

Why use Nemco Easy Chicken Slicer?

NEMCO’s unique mechanical design thinks outside the can! Instead of cutting down vertically into the lid, the CanPRO® Compact cuts horizontally into the rim for improved food safety, as well as operator safety. Cutting from the outside, the blade assembly crimps as it cuts, eliminating the sharp edge that can slice a hand or damage a spatula. Plus, it leaves no metal slivers that can fall into the food contents. Running the circumference of a #10-sized can just takes a few quick and easy turns of the crank. It’s adjustable to all can sizes and features a permanent mount with an optional temporary clamp, allowing you to move the opener around the kitchen. Security model option offers a locking capability.

Think Outside the Can

Unlike conventional can openers that puncture and cut down into the lid from the top, Nemco’s new CanPRO cuts from the side, along the lid’s outer seam.

  • The cutter never makes contact with the inside of the can.
  • No metal shavings fall into the food.
  • The lid comes off clean with no jagged edges.

Seams So Smooth

As a result of NEW engineering, the compression of the CanPRO’s cutter has been carefully fine-tuned to improve performance.

  • The cutter's new design won’t penetrate past the first layer of metal on the lid’s seam, alleviating the potential for producing metal slivers if the user overrotates the can.
  • When the cutter runs its life cycle, it won’t cut at all, clearly indicating it should be replaced.

Cut and Run and Keep Running

The NEW CanPRO is specially designed to minimize downtime and costly repairs. Remove the cutter housing assembly and clean with brush. Then simply clean the rest of the unit in the dishwasher or your 3-compartment sink.

  • No more gear breakage or wear, thanks to a completely gearless handle.
  • The cutter housing is a quick-change module— switch out a used for a new with just a pull of a pin. Keep an extra new modular cutter on hand, and you’re never down.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum nickelplated components translate into a long, virtually maintenance-free life.
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