Nemco 56600-3 Tomato Slicer

Nemco 56600-3 Tomato Slicer


Nemco 56600-3 Tomato Slicer

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Nemco 56600-3 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 56600-3
Weight 11 lbs
Width 7.5"
Depth 18.63"
Height 9.38"
Power manual
Blade Type straight blade
Slice thickness .375" = 3/8"

The Nemco 56600-3 Easy Tomato Slicer 2 - 3/8" Slice

Why use Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer 2?

Compact, efficient, easy to use and even easier to maintain, the new Easy Tomato Slicer 2 with its pretensioned cartridge blade assembly is more convenient than ever. The newly designed blade set stays properly aligned and tightened without the need to adjust it. The Easy Tomato Slicer 2 has an ergonomic handle, polyethylene slide board, hand guards, self-lubricating track, rubber feet, and a table stop like its predecessor, the Easy Tomato Slicer, a staple in food service kitchens. Accommodates a larger tomato than the original Easy Tomato Slicer.™ Scalloped blade option available on all models.

No Need to Adjust the Blades

Cut tomatoes and labor. That’s it. Now available as a changeable cartridge, the blade set stays properly aligned and tightened without the need to adjust it. That means employees spend less time fiddling with the blades so you:

  • Minimize the chances of someone getting cut.
  • Ensure a consistently sliced quality product.
  • Save time during blade replacement.

Live Longer and Prosper

Building on the tough construction of the Easy Tomato Slicer, the cartridge blade set on this new model ensures even longer-lasting performance.

  • By maintaining the blade tension, the cartridge design prevents misalignment that can cause the pusher to make contact with, and nick or damage the blades.
  • Keeping the blades clean is key to their precision. Now with such an easily removable cartridge, rinsing the blades after use is no problem.
  • The blades are razor-sharp stainless steel, while the frame and handles are constructed of commercial-grade aluminum.

Easier Than Ever to Use

Your employees are neither adjusting the blades, nor waiting around for a manager to do it. Rather, changing out the cartridge is a snap for anyone.

  • The blade cartridge just slides into place with minimal handling and cannot be installed improperly.
  • The slicer’s vertical handle and protective guards improve user comfort and safety.
  • The slide board is high-density polyethylene.
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