Nemco 56610-2 Tomato Slicer

Nemco 56610-2 Tomato Slicer


Nemco 56610-2 Tomato Slicer

SKU NEM-56610-2

Roma Tomato Slicer, 1/4" slice, razor-sharp blades, pretensions scalloped blade assembly, cast aluminum frame, suction-cup feet, NSF


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Nemco 56610-2 Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 56610-2
Weight 12 lbs
Power manual
Blade Type scalloped blade
Slice thickness .250" = 1/4"

The Nemco 56610-2 Roma Tomato Slicer - 1/4" Slice

Why use Nemco Roma Tomato Slicer?

Now, it’s faster and easier than ever to get consistent, uniform slices of the tomato family’s popular oddball variety! The Roma Tomato Slicer preserves the tomato’s integrity, without slowing down the slicing process. Just lay the Roma tomato on its side in the base’s cradle, pull down on the handle and the scalloped cartridge blade assembly slices cleanly through with no crushing or squeezing. The compact size makes the Roma Tomato Slicer exceptionally portable for any kitchen.

‘Rebuilt’ for Speed

What’s that? You need perfectly sliced Roma tomatoes super fast? No problem. Nemco has designed a new slicer specifically to fit the Roma.

  • Just lay any typical-sized Roma on its side in the base’s cradle.
  • Blades in the handle slice downward in one quick, smooth motion.
  • Place the next Roma and repeat!

Intellectually Sharp Blades

To preserve tomato integrity, without slowing down the slicing process, Nemco took a close look at the point of contact.

  • Given the straight-down blade motion that engages the tomato squarely, instead of at an angle, Nemco engineers smartly adapted by going to a scalloped blade edge. The resulting pierce-first action ensures a beautifully clean slice, without crushing or squeezing the tomato.
  • As part of a pretensioned cartridge assembly, the blades maintain even spacing for consistently uniform slice thickness.

Simply Commercial Tough

No-nonsense construction, without over-engineering, promises exceptional return on investment.

  • The blades are stainless steel, while their cartridge assembly holds uncompromising rigidity to maximize blade life.
  • The body is cast aluminum for lasting durability.
  • Ergonomic design applies the pressure only where needed, minimizing the fatigue on both the equipment and the operator’s elbow.
  • Just a few pins and only four component parts make the unit a cinch

Suggested Uses

This is the must-have tool for operations looking to capitalize on the increasing demand for Caprese salads, personal pizzas, specialty sandwiches and other menu items featuring the smaller, richer, more authentic Roma. Great for slicing other soft produce too—like strawberries, mushrooms and more.

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