Nemco 6301-36-SS Heated Shelf Food Warmer

Nemco 6301-36-SS Heated Shelf Food Warmer


Nemco 6301-36-SS Heated Shelf Food Warmer

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Nemco 6301-36-SS Specs

Brand Nemco
Model Number 6301-36-SS
Weight 32 lbs
Width 36"
Depth 20"
Height 2.25"
Controls infinite controls
Type freestanding
Shelf Width (side - side) OA 26" - 42"
Heated Shelf Construction stainless steel

The Nemco 6301-36-SS Heat Shelves - Heat Shelf, 36" Stainless Steel

Why use Nemco Heat Shelves?

Operators now have a smart, extremely versatile solution for keeping ready-to-serve foods at their warm, appetizing best. NEMCO’s electric heat shelf is perfect for the kitchen, the pass- through station or, with its special design features, the front of the house too. The unique heating element system provides reliable, uniform holding, and the capability to heat up to 220˚F. Includes all stainless steel construction, an ergonomic control dial and rounded corners for a contemporary look.

Say Goodbye to Cold Spots

When the market was craving a shelf merchandiser that could hold foods at optimum temperatures for longer than 30 minutes, Nemco solved the challenge with a completely unique heating system. Applying the same technology to the heat shelf, Nemco offers you a warmer that heats up to as high as 220° F and, more importantly, delivers unmatched heat uniformity that virtually eliminates temperature drops across the entire surface.

Warm Up Anywhere

Thinking beyond the kitchen, Nemco has designed the heat shelf with several features that dress it up for the front of the house, including rounded corners, a clean and simple control panel and black powdercoated sides—standard!

Pull No Punches

Don’t let the stylized appearance mislead you. Built entirely with commercial-grade stainless steel and engineered with simplicity to minimize maintenance issues, the heat shelf can stand up to the busiest kitchens and wait stations for years.

Suggested Uses

The versatility of Nemco’s heat shelf makes it useful for all sorts of applications, including kitchen wait stations, pass-through areas, serving lines, buffets and more. It can find a place in the back or front of the house and is especially useful where overhead radiant warmers are not available or not quite enough to achieve those slightly higher temperatures or longer hold times. Use the heat shelf to hold plated foods or boxed to-go orders. Or hold a serving pan on its stainless steel surface and maximize the power of conduction heat.

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